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3 Worst Tech Failures of 2014

3 Worst Tech Failures of 2014

With the dawn of New Year, we are looking forward to some new tech innovations. 2014 gave us some amazing technologies. However, not all of them were incredible. There were some worst tech failures that happened last year.

By knowing about the failures of last year, you can have an idea about what to expect this year and what to be aware of.

  • Heartbleed Security Bug

Heartbleed Security Bug                         Image:

Internet virus has become a common thing now, but most of them do not make any news. However, Heartbleed security bug created a major issue in 2014. It affected OpenSSL, the encryption library that is used in most of the web servers. Due to this, hackers were able to hack sensitive passwords and data.

The bug got fixed quickly but there is still a chance that some servers might remain vulnerable to the attack of the bug.

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  • Failure of Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone                            Image:

There were many reasons why the Fire Phone from Amazon did not find success. One of them was the high price while another reason which caused the Fire Phone to flop was its lack of substance. In a competitive market where Samsung and Apple dominate, it is difficult to make an impact.

There was much fanfare when the Amazon Fire Phone was launched. The gimmicky 3D functionalities which use head-tracking cameras, was the focus of the device. However, it lacked in substance and the operating system wasn’t better than Android and iOS. There were lots of units in unsold inventory for Amazon.

There is however a unique feature like the “Firefly” which allows users to point the camera at objects and see the item in the online store of Amazon. Whether this feature is enough to encourage the users to buy the Fire Phone is another matter.

  • iPhone 6 “Bendgate” Issue

iPhone 6 Bendgate Issue                     Image:

Apple released its latest version of iPhone – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in 2014. However, soon after its release, some users complained of deformation and bending issues, which were promptly termed as the “bendgate” issue. It is not much of a surprise that in its quest to develop a slim iPhone, Apple has created a device which would bend when pressure is applied to the weak structural points.

Though Apple stated that only 9 people face this problem, it was reported that at least 446 cases have been heard about bent iPhone.  We can just hope that the next version of this device doesn’t face this problem.

These are a few tech failures which occurred last year. This year, we can hope that things will get better and we don’t have to face such failures.

Do you know about any other failures in tech space in 2014? Do you think 2015 will be a great year for technological developments? Share it with us in the comments.  

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