Thursday 12 December 2019
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Time to Ditch your Thermometers with Fever Alarm Band

Time to Ditch your Thermometers with Fever Alarm Band

Now you will be notified when your temperature increases. This will be possible with a new armband termed as the fever alarm band. A team of researchers at the University of Tokyo have created this armband, which when activated sends an alarm. The band is triggered when the temperature of the user increases, i.e. he/she develops fever. The alarm sends out an audible warning when the temperature increases more than the average 37°C or drops down by one degree.

The Fever Alarm Band

The armband measures 30cm in length and 18 cm in width and can be worn on top of what a user is wearing or directly on his/her skin. An organic power supply circuit which is positioned under the piezoelectric speaker (speakers used in electrical devices) and a thermal sensor constitute the armband. The device which is self-powered and flexible, also constitutes of a flexible amorphous silicon solar panel.

Professor Takao Someya at the University of Tokyo, who is one of the lead researchers, said “Our fever alarm armband demonstrates that it is possible to produce flexible, disposable devices that can greatly enhance the amount of information available to careers in healthcare settings. The system could also be adapted to provide audible feedback on body temperature, or combined with other sensors to register wetness, pressure or heart rate.”

There are claims that this fever alarm armband will provide many firsts. One of the firsts is that the band includes an organic power supply circuit. Another first is that the organic circuit used in it can produce a sound output.

Another lead researcher who has taken part in the development of this device is Professor Takayasu Sakurai from the Institute of Industrial Science.

Necessity of Flexible Sensors for Patient Care Industry

Regular monitoring of the health indicators of an individual like his body temperature and heart rate condition is extremely important. It is a matter of worry among those who are in the patient care industry. For the utmost care, it is necessary that the sensors used for such applications should be flexible and wireless. This makes the patient comfortable. It is also necessary that external supply of energy is not required for these sensors and they are maintenance-free. The sensors should not be too expensive so that they can be disposed off, thereby maintaining hygiene. Fever arm band can provide these qualities and thus can prove to be really beneficial for this industry.

At present, the fever alarm band is displayed at the 2015 IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference in San Francisco.

Do you think the fever alarm band is a useful device? Should it be used for patient care industry? We would love to hear your views on this.

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