Monday 18 November 2019
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Visijax LED Jackets: Life-Saving Jackets for Cyclists

Visijax LED Jackets: Life-Saving Jackets for Cyclists

Smart eyewear has now become common. It is time for something new and like every year, CES 2015 is also lined up with some great array of innovative products. This was seen at Sunday’s CES Unveiled event where a smart cycle-wear was demonstrated. This cycling jacket by Visijax is an astonishingly stylish wearable that has been seen till date.

With this jacket, cyclists will be able to ride down the road without difficulty. Even in a rush hour traffic, the Visijax jacket helps cyclist to be visible by other drivers.

Visijax Jacket

It is a lightweight nylon jacket in which LEDs are integrated strategically. These LEDs flash when the wearer wants to take a right or left turn and signals it by raising an arm in the required direction. When the cyclist wearing the jacket signals, the lights start to flash, indicating others behind. The flash continues and turns off automatically after five seconds of taking the turn.

There is another array of LEDs on the back of the jacket which are positioned near the wearer’s lower back. These LEDs alert drivers in close proximity about the presence of the cyclist.

With motion activation and self cancellation, you will be able to ride with maximum comfort as well as visibility in any surrounding.

These jackets are waterproof and breathable, which make them strong enough to help you withstand any adverse weather during your journey, without worrying about getting your clothes dirty.


The jacket has 15 reflective strips and 23 LEDs which are integrated in different parts of the jacket in such a way that they are in direct line of sight of other motorists. You won’t feel this jacket to be bulky even though so many things are attached to it. The reason is that the technology is integrated inside taped seams.

You won’t find this jacket to be suffocating as the Teflon coating is breathable and there are air vents at important points inside the jacket. There are zipped pockets and internal pockets which you can use to store your belongings during the ride.

The LEDs are run by a controller and a battery pack is concealed cleverly. You can switch on the LEDs by simply turning it on or off. This can be done with a simple press of the power button icon which you find at the front of the jacket. The USB battery is rechargeable and can last up to 30 hours.

What’s best is that you can wash it normally like your other clothing items. It won’t damage the integrated technology inside. You can get it in $120 through the Visijax website or via Amazon.

Are you keen on using this jacket? Do you think this will really help the cyclists? We would like to hear your thoughts.



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