Friday 22 November 2019
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This Unstainable White Shirt can Repel Any Liquid Spil

This Unstainable White Shirt can Repel Any Liquid Spil


White shirts are a must-have for fashionistas. They are a part of the closet of stylish ladies. However, the most common problem wearing these shirts is that you face the danger of getting them stained. A slight stain can ruin the shirt completely. However, now a line of white shirts are being developed by Elizabeth & Clarke, which are unstainable. With these shirts, the company is venturing into wearable tech. They are running a Kickstarter campaign which has 6 days to go. The campaign has received an overwhelming response and has got past its funding goal by a huge margin. It has still 6 days to go.

Wear your Shirt without any Worry

These white shirts are wearables which repels any stain, be it coffee or sauce or even your sweat. Elizabeth & Clarke is known to make tops and shirts with funny names like “The Olsen”, “Liz Lemon,” etc. They are now planning to launch this wearable tech pretty soon following the super successful Kickstarter campaign.  The technology has been developed in partnership with a top chemist.

What is it Made of?

The white unstainable shirt is made of crepe de chine. This makes the wearable tech look like a normal shirt, but a series of tiny fibers cover the shirt. The shirt was created using nanotechnology and can repel any oil-based or water-based liquid virtually. So, be it your sweat, coffee or beetroot juice, every stain evaporates before it even touches the fabric.

What makes this shirt more interesting is that each fiber is 100,000 times smaller than a grain of sand. You will neither be able to see these fibers, nor can you feel them. However, the results you get give you the proof that they are there. Their job is to suspend the spilled liquid over the fabric and stop it from reaching the shirt, thereby keeping it stain free.

The shirt can be washed normally and is dryer safe. You can still pledge your funds in the Kickstarter campaign and get a chance to acquire these unstainable shirts at a reduced cost. The shirts will be shipped in September 2015.

Are you going to buy these shirts? Do you use any other wearable? We would love to hear your thoughts.



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