Thursday 12 December 2019
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Top 5 Wearable Fashion Trends to Watch Out in 2014

Top 5 Wearable Fashion Trends to Watch Out in 2014

Wearable technology is taking huge leaps now and is no longer limited to eyewear and smart watches. Different accessories, apparel and fitness wear are being designed now for the consumers so that day-to-day work gets easier. As new trends are growing in wearable technology, we bring forward 5 of the top trends of futuristic fashion wear.

  • Charging Smartphones with Clothes

You will be able to charge your smartphones with your clothes in the future. Designers have got inspiration from flexible solar panels to design accessories and clothes that can help electronics to run.

Wearable Solar, a start-up is using this technology to make light wired clothes which will let users charge a smartphone up to 50%. For this, the users have to wear the cloth in the sun for 1 hour.

Voltaic Systems, a company based in New York, develops bags which can charge different devices.

  • Track-able Fashion Clothing

If you have a huge walk-in closet, it is natural that your things could get lost easily. Fashion designer Asher Levine has created a solution to this problem. In his fall 2013 collection, he has integrated tracking chips which can help users find items by using a customized app known as TrackR.

The designer teamed up with Phone Halo, a Bluetooth solutions company, to create the chip.

  • Garments Responding to Environment

Wearable technology is now concentrating largely on smart clothing. The designer of Rainbow Winters clothing collection, Amy Winters, has created garments which react to their surroundings.

For instance, a dress made of holographic leather, responds to sound. As the sound increases, the dress starts to glow and makes “visual music,” as stated by Winters. Another bathing suit responds to light and in the sun, the centre panel turns into purple dots.

  • Apparel with Lightings

Moon Berlin, the Berlin-based luxury clothing manufacturer, aims to use advanced technology to give their designs an enhanced look.

The garments have soft-circuit LEDs integrated in them, which are attached to an electrical circuit. The circuit is in turn connected to rubber-like things which are included in the fabrics.

  • Information Relaying Socks

A smart sock, Sensoria created by Heapsylon, can provide the users with messages. The sock is paired with an anklet which automatically finds out the level and type of activity the user participates in, on the basis of the pressure signals which come from the wearer’s foot. Data is communicated to the anklet with the sensors in the sock and the users can get this information through an app.

So, keep yourself updated about the latest trends in wearable technology and make your life smarter.

Do you like wearable technology? What do you prefer- a smart watch or a smart cloth? We would love to hear your thoughts on the trends in wearables.

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