Friday 22 November 2019
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Tago Arc Changes Its design According to Your Mood

Tago Arc Changes Its design According to Your Mood

There are many smart bracelets which are either developed to send you notifications of incoming messages or for monitoring your activities. However, now a smart bracelet, called the Tago Arc, has been designed by LIBER8 which will definitely be a hit among fashionistas. The bracelet has got an overwhelming response in Indiegogo and around 261 percent was funded when the campaign ended in March. The goal was $40,000 USD, but $104,407 USD was the total funding obtained. Provided the product works without any hitch, this has the potential to become a high-tech fashionista’s best friend.

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What Does the Tago Arc Provide?

The bracelet has an e-ink screen which is similar to the one used in e-book readers. You can easily swap the design and change the entire look of the accessory. You can even create your own designs to get a bracelet which will have a unique design to match each outfit you are wearing. You can also purchase images from the complementary app for around $1 a pop.

Reka Kovacs, International Relations Manager of ‘LIBER8’ said “This is the bracelet of the future. It’s an e-ink, high fashion, high-tech bracelet with a full e-ink display and you can change the pattern on it whenever you want to. So imagine having one luxury bracelet with literally endless designs on its surface. You have a high-fashion piece of cuff on your arm and with your smart phone and the app on your smart phone you have in the app thousands of designs from artists, from designers, maybe potentially from designer houses. You go in the app, you choose your design that you want to display on the bracelet, you click on it, you buy it or you download it depending on the setting of that particular design, then you touch your smartphone to your bracelet, you click picture transfer and with the picture energy gets transferred on to the bracelet as well, you wait ten seconds and you have the new design on the bracelet.”

How Does it Work?

An NFC-enabled Android phone is required to transfer each of the images. So, iPhone owners won’t be able to use it for now, as their NFCs still work with Apple Pay only. Tago Arc also absorbs the power it needs through the NFC while linked to the phone. The device doesn’t need any batteries to work as it uses a low power e-ink screen and has no other features.

Currently, the Tago Arc takes some time, about 15 seconds, to transfer an image. Work is on to make the process work quicker before shipping starts. Those who have funded the campaign, will get their devices shipped in December, 2015. However, if you have missed out the campaign, you can order your device from the official website. The stainless steel will cost $299. You can get a silicone case for $15.

So, are you going to order this smart bracelet? Did you participate in the campaign? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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