Wednesday 22 January 2020
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Make a Style Statement with MICA

Make a Style Statement with MICA

In the hordes of wearable devices, there are few devices which are designed specifically for women, MICA being one of them. The device has been designed by Opening Ceremony, a company which has a multinational approach to retail. MICA has been engineered by Intel. This device celebrates the combination of beauty with intelligence. The device has been developed carefully for the stylish women of today who prefer to remain connected. So, what does this provide? Have a look at this post to know more about MICA.

For the Stylish Women of Today

MICA stands for My Intelligent Communication Accessory. It has been created from premium finishes. The device has a curved sapphire glass display which is touchscreen and it has an 18K gold coating. Powered with Intel’s technology, you will be able to easily see your calendar, messages and get alerts from the VIP contacts that you have curated.

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There are different styles of the intelligent bracelet. One of them features pearls from China, black water snake skin and lapis stones from Madagascar. Another style features obsidian from Russia, white water snake skin and tiger’s eye from South Africa.

Features of MICA

  • Messaging

You can get the messages on your wrist and reply to them with customized ones. You will also get event notifications and the device will vibrate for any incoming alerts.

  • Priority Notifications

If you want to categorize the priority contacts from whom you want to receive notifications, you can assign them to “important contacts.”

  • Calendar

You will be able to see any Facebook and Google appointments that are in the future and also respond to any requests.

  • Weekly Horoscope

If you are in the habit of checking weekly horoscope, you can do so easily with MICA. With Refinery29, you will be able to learn what lies in store for your career, love life and other areas. You can subscribe it for free.

  • Timely Reminders

If you have somewhere to go, you will be reminded of your appointments by TomTom. You will know when it’s time to leave for that appointment.

  • Finding becomes Easy

You can access the Yelp search and rating, using MICA to find nearby establishments, shopping malls, restaurants, etc.

  • Wireless Charging

You can easily charge your MICA wirelessly with the Optional Wireless Charging Bowl which has been designed by Intel.

  • Remote Access and Security

You will have remote access with MICA and this device can act as a device locator. You can also use it to lock doors.

  • Personalize

You can personalize your MICA bracelet with a custom digital wallpaper which can be designed by Opening Ceremony.

You can purchase the MICA bracelet from Opening Ceremony website and also from Barneys New York.

Do you want to purchase the MICA bracelet? Have you used any stylish wearable till now? We would love to hear your thoughts.



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