Thursday 12 December 2019
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MEMI Smart Bracelet Lets Women Stay Connected in Style

MEMI Smart Bracelet Lets Women Stay Connected in Style

Wearable technology has mostly been developed with men in mind. Women used to feel left out in this category, but not anymore. Ladies! Now you don’t have to feel bad about not getting some stylish smart device on your wrist which you can flaunt in front of others. All you need to do is pre-order MEMI today.  MEMI is a smart bracelet which is stylish and compatible with iPhone. It can notify you discreetly when you get text messages, phone calls and calendar alerts.  So how does this wearable work? Let us check this post out to know more.

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How does MEMI work?

The MEMI smart bracelet uses wireless technology with which it interacts with your iPhone. You can use the MEMI app and customize it to set the callers from whom you want the notifications to your bracelet. You can set up some select callers who are important to you like your partner, your parents, your boss or anybody else. If you do not have any specifications, you can simply set it up so that your smart bracelet will vibrate for all calls. You can also set notifications for calendar events so you can know from MEMI when to leave for a meeting or wrap up an ongoing one. At any point of time, you can change the settings.

Features of MEMI

  • Tiny Side Button

There is a discrete side button with which you can turn your MEMI on and off. If you want a confirmation of whether your MEMI is on and connected to your iPhone, you just have to press and release that button and the LED of your bracelet will light up.

  • LED light

Located beside the button is a tiny light which will indicate you whether your MEMI is turned on or off. It will also light up when you are in or out of range and when the device is charging.

  • Three Different Vibrations

You will get different vibrations for your texts, calls and calendar alerts.

  • Double-tap Motion Sensing

You just have to tap the bracelet twice if you want to stop vibrations from a call.

  • Secret Micro-USB port

There is a hidden micro USB port within the clasp, with which you can charge and update software.

  • Strong Battery

A single charge on an average will continue for 5 days, depending on the number of texts and calls you receive every day.

The MEMI is compatible with iPhone 4S and higher. If you haven’t yet got this MEMI bracelet for you, you can pre-order it today from the official website.

Are you going to pre-order MEMI? Do you use any other wearable technology? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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