Thursday 12 December 2019
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How Wearables could Revolutionize Fashion in the Future

How Wearables could Revolutionize Fashion in the Future

Cyborg fashion might not be far away from us with wearable technology making great advancements in terms of fashion. Until now, we were familiar with the use of this technology in fitness products and accessories. You might have come across purses charging your phone, bracelets making payments with your heartbeat or even shirts that could monitor your heart rate. However, most of these innovations showed that the marriage of fashion and technology produced some ugly results. Glasses that make you like a robot or shirts which have wires poking out are not something which could appeal the fashion industry. But now, advanced designers are starting to bring wearable tech onto the ramp and out of the laboratory.

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Designers Rising to the Challenge

Designers are already rising to the challenge of mixing fashion with technology. Wearable fashion is still in its early years but a diverse range of interesting and useful wearable fashion designs have made their way onto the ramps across the globe. Most of them are prototypes or used just as models. However, these designs give us a view about the possibilities of wearable fashion in the long run.

The high-end wearable tech space is seeing a dual trend. One, where designers are exploring how the world around the wearer can influence fashion. Another shows designers creating apparels which change depending on the biology of the wearer. Both of these concepts have produced some amazing results.

A Few Examples of Futuristic Fashion

Here are a few examples which show how different designers are experimenting with futuristic fashion.

  • Amy Winters

The futuristic line of the Rainbow Winters brand, experiments with apparel which changes with light and sound. A leather dress that lights up as the volume increases is featured in its line. Another bathing suit whose appearance changes with the light exposure is also a part of the line. Amy Winters, the designer behind these creations calls this step to fashion as “visual music”.

  • Mae Yokoyama

Some designers plan to use wearable technology to tackle social issues and not just be limited to social interactions. Student designer Mae Yokoyama had developed a solar panel necklace five years ago. With the necklace, the wearer becomes a mini-solar plant.

  • Pauline van Dongen

Pauline van Dongen took this idea of solar clothing ahead in later years. She has developed a fashion-forward prototype coat and dress that can charge your devices while you are on the move. This is possible as the dress and coat uses solar power. When you look at the coat, you won’t be able to tell that there are almost 50 rigid solar cells whereas the dress contains 70 solar cells.

We can only expect more to come in solar powered wearable fashion, when in five years, we have moved from solar panel necklaces to hidden solar wearable.

  • Ying Gao

Apart from apparel reacting to solar power, sound and light, there are other wearable which are under development that react when gazed at. Ying Gao, a designer is working on this type of dress. The designer calls this type of wearable as “gaze-activated technology.” When a person looks at any of the outfit, tiny motors will be activated that create new patterns on your wardrobe. So, the phrase beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is very aptly fulfilled with these dresses.

Gao has developed two types of prototype dress till now. Each of the dress is fitted with robotic technology. One has been related to “DNA,” while the other to a “jellyfish.” But each of this dress weighs not much than half a pound.

The futuristic fashion we have got till date is mainly focused on practical solutions. We want to get everything done with the minimal things possible. For instance, we want our purse to charge our phone, a band to make our payment, our shirt to monitor our heart beat and more. However, our expectations are about to be more as the combination of fashion and technology goes to the next level.

The high-end designers are not limiting themselves to creating dresses or accessories which will act as simple apps. The more ambitious ones in the fashion world are finding out ways to use technology to change fashion so that it is not just limited to the clothes we wear. Our environment, people around us, our thoughts and even the issues are going to have an impact on an expanded fashion world.

Fashion in the future, it seems will not just be limited to the clothes we wear, but it will also reflect on how the dress we are wearing, is interacting with the world around us. The prototypes and the models the designers are currently working upon shows that wearable tech can become a greater part on the ramp.

What’s your thought on the future of fashion with wearable tech? Will you be trying out such dresses? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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