Monday 26 August 2019
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Smokeable Wearable Technology Gives New Definition to Fashion

Smokeable Wearable Technology Gives New Definition to Fashion

Wearable technology is skirting the unconventional path as more and more wearables are being developed in unexpected niches. When we talk about fashion, it is all about coming out of the well-trodden path and do something different. Two companies have already ventured into this unconventional path by developing smoke-able wearable. They have made wearable vaporizers which allow wearers smoke marijuana. Since marijuana has been legalized in many states, these wearables can actually become popular among weed smokers.

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Hood Horkerz

One of the brands that have developed the smoke-able hoodie is Hood Horkerz. The company sells numerous bright colored sweatshirts which have a hoodie drawstring. A glass pipe is used on one end of the drawstring and the other end contains a mouthpiece. There are different designs to choose from. You can get a smoke-able sweatshirt for around $125.

They are also believed to have developed a smoke-able suit, a global first. High fashion has got a whole new meaning with Hood Horkerz.

Seam Oliver, founder of Hood Horkerz said “People have been finding all sorts of new ways to enjoy marijuana lately. There is everything from Medicated Cookies made by Big Pete’s Treats to Medicated Beef Jerky from Badfish Extracts, to Medicated Tinctures, to Dabs from the Dab Kings to even the THC-Infused Sex Lube from an amazing new company called Love Lubricants.”


The moto of VapRwear is to “Keep Calm and Vape On.” The sweatshirt that this company has developed provides the customers with an all-in-one vapor system which also acts a hoodie drawstring, thereby making it easy for users to smoke. The styles that are currently offered by VapRwear, are designed for both men and women. You have to spend only $99 for the hoodie styles, which includes 2 battery sticks, a dlo3 hoodlace tank and a USB charging port. Dry herbs, oils, flowers and waxes can be used with the hoodie.

Fighting for the Crown

Both the companies are in a fight over which company came up with the idea of a smoke-able wearable hoodie first. While Oliver claims he first came up with the idea while going for a snowboarding adventure. He wanted to smoke, but didn’t have the required tools. The idea of using the drawstrings of a hoodie as a smoking tool struck him suddenly.

VapRwear, on the other hand claims that their hoodie is the “world’s best” as the drawstrings can be used as an embedded vaporizer.

While the fight is on for the crown of the first company to create smoke-able wearable, both agree that wearable weed is the next step in the future of wearables.

Apart from the legalization of smoking marijuana, the hip-hop culture will also increase the popularity of these smoke-able hoodies.

What do you think? Have you tried any of the smoke-able hoodies? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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