Wednesday 19 June 2019
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CuffLinc- Where Fashion and Wearable Technology Blend Together

CuffLinc- Where Fashion and Wearable Technology Blend Together

Seamless integration of wearable technology in our life is a hard thing to find. However, the team at Cuff has created a set of accessories which will easily merge with our daily lives. The smart jewelry that they have developed comes with hidden wireless devices. Not only women, but also men can wear these pieces of jewelry and stay connected. The company has launched a nine-piece line of wearables which include necklaces, bracelets and men can wear key chains. All these devices are accompanied by the CuffLinc device.

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What is the CuffLinc?

The CuffLinc is a small device which is black in color and waterproof. An accelerometer is integrated with the device and connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The Cuff app has to be used to set the CuffLinc’s internal button so that an alert can be sent out to a family member or a friend during emergency.

The idea behind this device is to send out a wireless alert without having the users take their phones out.

Deep Sood, the founder of Cuff said “The merger of fashion and function is the bigger idea.”

According to Sood, some of the potential uses for the device include using the system to keep in touch with a loved one daily or using it to alert authorities in case of any assault or to alert family members about any health problems, in time of need.

To make the Cuff understand how the different alerts will work, you have to curate the functions from a list of different options when you are using it for the first time. There is an option of single press, double press and triple press. You can use the Cuff app to decide which type of press will be related to which function. The best thing about the device is it doesn’t need to be recharged.

Sood said “We want this to be seamless security, so you don’t have to charge it. This is one of those things that when you really need it, you don’t want to worry about if you’ve charged it or not.”

Different Types of Pieces

At the time of launch, the pieces that are potentially going to get most attention include the DVB which is sporty and is a minimalist silicon wristband. It will be available in $50.00. Mia is another fashionable bracelet that can be worn for a night out or even at the office. The price for this is $150. If you are not keen on wearing the device inside any accessory, the J Keychain worth $80, will be the ideal choice for you to use the CuffLinc system.

The iOS app will be available before pre-order campaign ends. The initial shipping of CuffLinc devices will start this fall.

Are you going to buy CuffLinc? Do you think this will be a popular device? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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