Thursday 21 November 2019
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How Wearables can Transform the Workplace

How Wearables can Transform the Workplace

Improving performance in organizations is not easy. However if the management level of the company has the understanding about what makes the employees tick, then performance can be improved. It has been seen in studies that wearable devices have enhanced business performance for many. With data obtained from wearables, managers can get an insight into the requirement of employees with which they can work more effectively, what keeps their spirit high and what motivates them. With this information in hand, engagement can be improved which can further improve business performance.

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Here are three ways to manage employees effectively with wearables.

  • Simplify Customer Interactions

Smartwatches are presently the most adopted devices at enterprise level. The popularity of these devices might be because of the impact they have on interactions of the employees with the customers. With smartwatches, employees can provide personalized experiences to the customers.

Customers could be given the best possible experience with devices like a smartwatch. They could work as personal assistants for the employees and help them do their job more efficiently.

  • Enhance Employee Support

With workplace wearables, employees get the right support as they create a smooth daily on-site experience. For instance, employees can use devices like lanyards and RFID badges to manage access to payment transactions and restricted rooms. They could also be used in tracking traffic flow in certain areas at certain times, providing management an idea on scheduling employee numbers at those times.

Smart glasses could also be helpful for field service workers. These devices will be able to provide real time data so that the workers can complete complicated task easily.

  • Improve Performance and Productivity

With wearable technology, employees become more aware of their own activity. With the increase in their awareness, their productivity also increases. The right wearable technology could improve the performance of the employees and make them more productive.

These are a few ways in which wearable technology could help in efficient employee management and in turn improve the business performance.

Do you use any wearable device? Do you think work management will be efficient with these devices? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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