Thursday 21 November 2019
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Eat Tomato Easily while Exercising with Wearable Tomato

Eat Tomato Easily while Exercising with Wearable Tomato

In the race of creating different wearable devices, a Japanese ketchup maker is the odd one among big tech companies. Kagome, a food manufacturer based in Nagoya, revealed that the company is creating a “wearable tomato” for people, which will let them eat the fruit while they are working out or jogging without any difficulty. The company believes that this device will be a first of its kind. It is designed for athletes so that they can get the desired benefits of tomatoes while exercising.

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The Idea Behind “Wearable Tomato”

The idea behind the development of the device came when Shigenori Suzuki, a developer at Kagome, realized how people depend on bananas as a quick meal when they are working. Even athletes do the same while they are running. However, tomatoes are excellent for those who are exercising. They are rich in amino and citric acids as well as beta-carotene. With daily consumption of tomatoes, the lycopene level in our body increases and it helps to increase antioxidant power. The antioxidant power helps in eliminating excess active oxygen which is generated with continuous exercising. This keeps the physical condition of our body healthy.

However, eating tomatoes while exercising, is not possible due to the lack of mobility. So, Kagome started working upon a ‘wearable tomato’ which will allow wearers eat the tomato even when they are running.

Development of the Tomato

Last fall, the company started developing the wearable tomato. Right now, Kagome is concentrated on developing only one sample of the device. It won’t be any device which will be used just as a simple juice dispenser. Instead, runners will be able to eat a whole tomato while they are running.  There won’t be any high-tech features like cameras, Internet accessibility and more.

A spokesman from the company told Japan Real Time “We are focused on helping runners eat an entire tomato with ease while running.” He added that “We are still at the developing stages, but the finalized product won’t be something simple which you could wear on the hands. It’s probably going to look more like a backpack.”

The wearable tomato is in the last stages of its development and will be revealed on 19th February at the Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2015.


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