Wednesday 22 January 2020
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TZOA- World’s Most Advanced Enviro-Tracker

TZOA- World’s Most Advanced Enviro-Tracker

TZOA is a wearable device which will give you an idea how the environment is affecting you. It is claimed as the world’s most advanced Enviro-Tracker. Factors like the temperature, air quality, atmospheric pressure, humidity, UV exposure and ambient light are measured by internal sensors present in the TZOA. The environment will be in your fingertips with this wearable device. Just connect it with your smartphone and you will be able to receive recommendations and view the readings.

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How Does it Help you?

A crowdsourced map of environmental data can be created in real time when you use TZOA. This will further help you in making lifestyle decisions like where you can plan a picnic, where you can find the freshest air if you go for a run. You will even be able to find the locations in your area, where you will get poor quality air. This will help you take necessary steps to fix the situation and live a healthier life.

How Does TZOA Work?

The air quality sensor in TZOA counts individual air particles, shows concentrations and differentiates between PM10, which is generally allergens and PM2.5, which is more dangerous for human health. The data of the device is sent to the TZOA smartphone app which will then be transferred to the cloud. There, large-scale maps will be created with these data so that everyone can see. You can compare your own area to that of others, from these data and even make plans to stay in the cleanest area when you are travelling to different places.

The device can be attached to your clothing, backpack, bag or purse as you continue your daily work. When at home, you can place the TZOA in its charging cradle from where it will check the air quality of your room. It is best to leave the device in your bedroom, living area or kitchen.

Depending on the environmental situation in your home or any outdoor location where you are in, the TZOA will give you real-time solutions which will be good for your health. Solutions include choosing less polluted roads, opening windows for ventilation, ensuring you are not getting sunburnt during summer or receiving adequate sunshine during winter.

TZOA will be available for pre-order from the second quarter of 2015 and will be shipped in the last quarter of this year. The device is expected to create a greener and healthier city by making people more aware of their environment and its effects.

Are you going to buy the TZOA? What do you think about this wearable? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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