Thursday 12 December 2019
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4 Wearables that Could Turn You Into a Superhuman

4 Wearables that Could Turn You Into a Superhuman

The future of wearables could transform you into a superman. With wearable technology you might possess super powers like super strengths, super artistry, super hearing and super expression. Mark Rolston, who runs Argodesign, used to be the CCO of Frog Design. His firm has developed a series of concepts for future wearable devices which would not include any watches, for Fast Code Design’s Wearables Week. These wearable concepts would put email on your wrist, track your heartbeat or provide you with “superpowers”.

Let us have a look at four of these concepts which could change the future of wearables.

  • Ouijiband

This concept is about an electronic counterweight which can be attached to your wrist and you can draw a perfect circle with a pencil at the very first try. The device uses a gimbal and a gyroscope which can track your fine motor movements and they can be smoothened, whenever necessary.

This concept could help surgeons perform surgeries more accurately as it could help in tracking shaky hands and help them cut through the patient’s organs without difficulty. New tennis players could use this device to learn backhand quickly.

  • Lalala

This is a Bose headphone which could help in cancelling outside noise to help you listen to anything. There will be motion-tracking capabilities inside the device which will help you to hear someone better in a room, just by pointing towards that person. All other voices will grow fainter.

  • Kineseowear

You must have heard of kinesio tape. Kineseowear will be a live version of kinesio tape. This device would help create a physical connection between any kind of information and your body. It will be like an artificial muscle which can be stuck on your body. It could provide support to your muscles while you are taking a butterfly lap in the swimming pool, or it could tap your left shoulder to indicate the next turn that you have to take while driving. This will be stated by your GPS.

  • Snapchat IRL

Snapchat IRL is a necklace which tracks the infrared light released by cameras when they are auto-focusing on things. In its reaction, a blinding counter flash is emitted which will keep your identity anonymous. You don’t need a smartphone for it to work, It can be used a stand-alone device.

These wearable devices might not only bring about powers which you would otherwise be unable to get, but could also prove to be a fashion statement in the future.

Have you used any of these wearables? Do you think these devices can be really used in the future? We would love to hear from you.

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