Thursday 12 December 2019
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7 Best Wearable Devices to Have in Your Possession

7 Best Wearable Devices to Have in Your Possession

Wearable technology has evolved rapidly and now it is changing the way people communicate and stay fit. A number of wearable devices have been developed in the last couple of years. The range of these devices include activity trackers, smartphones, fitness bands, pedometers, health monitors etc. Most of them are related to fitness.

Do you want to know which of these wearable devices are the best?

Here is a collection of 7 best wearable tech which have made quite an impact on the wearable industry.

  • Jawbone Up

The Jawbone Up is a sleep tracker which you can wear on your wrist or use it as a clip-on. It syncs with Android or iOS without any physical connection. You will be able to measure your daily progress with the LED display. The price range of the app lies between $89.99 and $119.99, making it an affordable one.

However, the device is not waterproof and you cannot wear it while swimming. You won’t be able to get the vibration alarm that is available in the more expensive Jawbone Up bands.

  • Fitbit Charge

The design is comfortable and it has a display for step-tracking and time. It can automatically sync with different types of smartphone platforms and you will be able to get call notifications. The price range is $129.95 – $129.99. With $20 more, you will be able to get the future Charge HR which will track heart-rate.

Talking about the cons of this device, it is a little out of fashion compared to its other competitors.

  • Misfit Flash

The Misfit Flash is compatible with Android and iOS device and you will get a clip-on accessory and a wristband. The best thing is that it is waterproof and a single battery will run for six months. The price range of $49.95 – $69.11 makes this an exceptionally affordable fitness tracker. It tracks your sleep and the steps you cover daily. It can also be worn as a watch.

It is however not able to track your heart rate as it lacks a heart monitor.

  • Pebble Steel

The design of the device is wonderful and it is compatible with the Android phones and iPhones. It is waterproof, so you will be able to use it while swimming. It has an inbuilt pedometer which tracks your fitness activity. It costs around $199.43 and has a variety of apps.

It does not have a heart-rate monitor and you have to charge it twice a week.

  • Samsung Gear 2 Neo

The features that are available in Samsung Gear 2 Neo are almost similar to Gear 2, which is more expensive. It has a heart-rate monitor and you will get many apps and the facility of offline music playback. The price is $199.99.

It works only with Samsung phones and tablets. The fitness features can be improved to make it better.

  • LG G Watch R

The LG G Watch R is the most eye-catching Android Wear Smartwatch. It has an angular metal frame, a round design and comes with a range of stunning watch faces. The battery life is quite good.

The pricing is not yet finalized and it might be between $299.99 and $320.00. The design might not be preferred by those who love sleek watches.

  • Pebble Watch

With an extremely affordable price of $99.99, this smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. Lots of apps can be run in this wearable device and it is water proof.

You won’t find a touch screen in this device and you won’t be able to multitask. This limits the capacity of the apps.

Do you use any of the above wearables? Which ones are your favorites? We would like to hear from you.

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