Thursday 12 December 2019
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Wearable Technology to Become The Next Best Thing in the US

Wearable Technology to Become The Next Best Thing in the US

Wearable technology, as we all know by now, is making great improvements all across the globe. With so much progress in the US, the technology is on the threshold of becoming mainstream. As reported in Statista, a study by Ipsos, a global market research company which has its headquarters in France, has shown the growth of wearable technology in America.

So, what does the study reveal? Let us have a look at this post to know more.

Increasing Use of Wearable Devices

As per the study by Ipsos, 8 in 10 adults in the US at least know about wearable devices, while 4 in 10 are extremely familiar with them or own such a gadget.

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When we take the intention of purchase among consumers, wearable devices are still lagging behind smartphones, laptops and tablets. However, they are either in the same level or are ahead of other conventional devices in the market like e-readers, video game consoles and streaming devices.

Among those surveyed by Ipsos, nearly 1 in 5 adults in America said that they intend to buy wearable devices in the next 12 months which comprises 18 percent of the Americans.

Among the percentage of people who want to buy tech gadgets in the next 1 year, smartphones are the highest with 39 percent of US adults keen on buying these devices. Laptops are the second highest with 28 percent, followed by tablets with 27 percent.

Infographic: Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. Adults Plan to Buy Wearable Tech  | Statista

Demand for Apple Products

Apple Watch will be hitting the commercial market in 2015, but it has already become the most popular brand in the category of wearable technology. Among the Americans surveyed, as many as 62 percent said that while buying wearable tech, they would consider the devices made by Apple, while less than half of them would think of devices by Samsung or Google.

Here is a chart which will show the percentage of US adults above 18 years of age who want to purchase tech products in the next 1 year.

What do you plan to buy? Would you prefer buying an Apple product or any other product? Share it in the comments.

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