Saturday 18 January 2020
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Tag Heuer Partners with Intel and Google for Android Wear

Tag Heuer Partners with Intel and Google for Android Wear

Tag Heuer, the Swiss manufacturing company has made the announcement of its partnership with Google and Intel for entering the Android Wear smartwatch market. The statement was made at the Baselworld trade show in Switzerland. This 155 year old brand had been associated for a long time as being disruptive, dynamic and modern. These qualities have made the company an ideal partner of Intel. However, Intel has also mentioned that it will look into other partnerships with conventional watchmakers.

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Ellen Healy, a senior Public Relations Manager at Intel Corporation said “Our hope is that this type of partnership will set a precedent for other brands to consider diversifying into wearable tech and enhancing their products with technology.”

Partnership with Google

Jean-Claude Biver, president of LVMH’s watch division, said “There are two operating systems: one is Apple’s iOS, the other is Android Wear – who are we to invent another language at that level? It would be absurd, it would be arrogant to believe that we could develop our own [operating system]. It would be a catastrophe to believe such a stupid thing.”

“There is no doubt that we could eventually go to Apple, but why should we do a partnership with Apple, who is producing watches? On the one side they would be partners, on the other a competitor. Google is not producing watches, so the relationship is perfect.”

No images have been revealed yet about how the Tag Heuer Android Wear smartwatch will look. However, Biver said that the smartwatch would definitely be different than the other smartwatches. He added “The whole look of the watch will be different. It will be a traditional look. It will not look like an Apple Watch. An Apple Watch looks like a miniaturized copy of its phone. Our watch will never look like a phone. Our watch will [have] all the emotion and the DNA of Tag Heuer and it will fit into our collection.”

These types of partnerships won’t be considered as one-off events. Some consumers often find these expensive Android Wear watches a compelling product. So, with these partnerships, electronic manufactures will be benefitted in the long run.

In 2014, around 720,000 watches were shipped across the globe, which were powered by Android Wear. Fitness bands have been found to be more popular than smartwatches till date. However, with Apple Watch coming in the next month, the scenario may change completely. But wearable from Apple will only be restricted to iOS devices, whereas phones which are powered by Android will be much more widespread.

Do you own any fitness band or a smartwatch? Will you buy the Tag Heuer smartwatch when it releases in the market? We would love to hear your views.


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