Saturday 19 October 2019
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TactPuck: This Wearable Allows You to Send Sensory Text

TactPuck: This Wearable Allows You to Send Sensory Text

Gone are the days when messages had a personal touch to them. Digital communications have now become cold and impersonal. Tactonics, a startup based in New Jersey, is hoping to bring back a personal touch to the communications. They hope that people will get hooked to Tact messaging. With the same effort you put in sending an emotionless text message, you could send a more heartfelt and meaningful message to your loved ones. The messages sent are sensory and the recipients can understand your feelings.

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The TactPuck

Tactonics is developing a platform which could be integrated with third-party devices and also its own hardware and they have named it TactPuck. It is a device which is the size of a coin and enabled with Bluetooth.  An accompanying TactSpace smartphone app will work with this platform.

The TactPuck can be paired up with the user’s smartphone and the TactSpace app which then lets users send and receive sensory messages or what the company calls “tacts”.

The hardware is still in the proof of concept stage, but Tactonics envisages it to provide numerous sensory experiences to the user which includes illumination, vibration and hot/cold sensation. It might even use the sense of smell.

“Tact messaging” adds a new and interesting twist to basic interactions. You could send tact messages to declare your love for your spouse or for praising your friends or kids for achieving something or you could just send them to let a loved one know that you are missing them. Apart from positive cheerful messages, you could also let the sender know if you are sad or even angry.

Customized Messages

The company thinks that some messages will be universal but most of them will be customized for the sender and receiver. There will be preset tacts from which the users can choose to send messages to others. They can also create their own messages if they want.

You will be able to see which of your contacts is wearing the TactPuck device by using the TactSpace app. This means that your heartfelt message won’t go un-received by the receiver.

The company website states: “Every day we use facial expressions, body language and gestures to silently convey our thoughts and emotions. And, sometimes, when we’re close enough, we use touch. It’s more human, more personal. It’s tactile.”

Eddie Bugg of Tactonics spoke to PSFK said “When it comes to remote communications, users are ready for new alternatives to texting. Sensory Messaging, or tacting, represents that new dimension.”

Tactonics plans to provide potential backers of their crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarter the opportunity to sponsor a patient with a TACTPuck.

What about you? Are you going to purchase the TACTPuck when it is available? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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