Monday 26 August 2019
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Sony Partners with IFTTT to Enhance its Wearables

Sony Partners with IFTTT to Enhance its Wearables

Fitness tracking devices from Sony might get a bit more interesting with the IFTTT app. Sony has teamed up with IFTTT to release a range of features and hacks for its wearables and other devices. IFTTT- If This Then That is an app which provides users easy ways so that the technology of the devices can work together. By syncing together different services and apps, users will be able to carry out different things like turn their home lights on or off remotely or manage their home temperature and more.

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Releasing a Host of ‘Recipes’

The partnership between IFTTT and Sony is to release a range of ‘recipes’ that provide pre-programmed hacks for any device that runs on Sony Lifelog, the new platform for the company. Sony Lifelog is the fitness and lifestyle tracking element of all the wearables from Sony which include SmartWatch 3, the first Sony Android Wear watch and SmartBand Talk. Even other Xperia based fitness tracking devices or smartphones will also get the maximum functionality.  Sony Xperia Z3, and future Xperia smartphones will work with Sony Lifelog ecosystem.

The official SonyMobile IFTTT account is used for creating these recipes. This shows that Sony is taking the IFTTT community seriously. Even different smartphones will be compatible with the Lifelog for Android app.

What will the ‘Recipes’ Be?

The initial set of ‘recipes’ for Lifelog on IFTTT will consist of receiving summarized fitness information through email and also by tracking recorded sleep in a spreadsheet. As a user, you will be able to automatically share daily goals with your friends in Facebook. If you reach a calorie goal, the devices will also be able to Tweet about that automatically.

Evernote, the note-taking software and Lifelog are also connected. This means a log will be maintained in Evernote whenever you fail to reach your daily walking goals.

This partnership between IFTTT and Sony is an interesting one and is a good example of how wearable data can be more useful.  More companies will walk the same path in the future as Sony, and in the process be more beneficial for the consumers.

Do you use any wearable from Sony? Are you going to use them now? We would love to hear your thoughts.



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