Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Samsung Files Patent for Bracelet Style Smartwatch

Samsung Files Patent for Bracelet Style Smartwatch

Samsung has filed a new patent for its next-gen smartwatch which will support both communication and multimedia modules. Wearable devices are gradually improving and flexible displays are being integrated in them. With these displays, they can be easily worn on wrists. There will be stable support for these flexible display devices with the smartwatch that Samsung plans to develop in the long run. The company is making advancements with a wider and flexible display. The newly-published patent application is proof of the advancements that the company is making.

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The Patent

The patent describes that the smartwatch will be less like a traditional watch than a wristband. The smartwatch will be able to perform in both flat and bent states with a wraparound widescreen display. The possibilities for applications which will allow users to view multimedia and communicate with others will be there in the watch.

Illustrations given in the patent, show that the watch can be made up of many segmented parts which are combined together and linked using a flexible display.

Samsung’s Upcoming Smartwatch

Besides the patent, the smartwatch Samsung is working upon is set to launch in the third quarter of this year. It is being developed under the name “Orbis.” The Exynos 7420 SoC processor is reported to run this smartwatch. The power consumption can be reduced and battery life will be enhanced with this processor. Samsung is planning to pitch it for the luxurious fashion market.

Patently published different illustrations which showed how the next-gen smartwatch would look like. The site stated, describing the patent as “Samsung’s invention provides wearable devices that may stably support flexible display devices. One or more embodiments may provide wearable devices that may have an improved external appearance.

In an aspect of one or more embodiments, there is provided a wearable device that is configured for a transformation between an annularly bent state and a flat state, the wearable device which may include a plurality of segment members including a top portion and a bottom portion having a shorter length than the top portion; a plurality of connecting members that may be disposed to correspond to the plurality of segment members, wherein each of the plurality of connecting members may be connected to be mutually rotatable with two segment members disposed respectively on both sides thereof; a bistable spring that is supported on the plurality of segment members to provide elasticity in a direction into the annularly bent state and retentively maintaining the flat state; and a flexible display device that is supported on the top portion of the plurality of segment members.“

The US patent application was filed back in third quarter of 2014. Since this is patent application, it cannot be said when the product will finally be available for the consumers.

What’s your take on this? Have you used any smartwatch yet? Which one do you like the best? We would love to hear your thoughts.



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