Thursday 21 November 2019
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Samsung Simband- A Wearable for Monitoring your Health

Samsung Simband- A Wearable for Monitoring your Health

Samsung had first revealed the health-focused wearable Simband, last year. This device will help in monitoring a user’s health and is intended to be used by those who are in the medical industry. It is billed as a research device by the company and can be used by startups and medical researchers to create new applications for sensor technology. The aim is to enable preventive healthcare and wellness by including health monitoring instead of just fitness tracking.

The Simband  

The Simband comes with a thick rubber band that has a curved touchscreen display. It has six sensors which can track your daily steps, blood pressure, heart rate, how much sweat your sweat glands are creating and the skin temperature. Heart rate and daily steps monitoring is nothing new for wearables, but other bodily functions are tracked minutely by the sensors.

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For instance, the optical sensor can track blood pressure. LED lights are used by the wearable to track changes in how your blood absorbs the light. This then allows the band to identify the change in blood at microvascular level.

Three Main Functions of the Device

Trends, spot check and monitor are the three main functions of the device. Trends is the dashboard which shows your data after a while. It displays your blood pressure, steps and heart rate while letting you see how the metrics have changed over the course of the week or the day.

With spot check, you will be able to check your blood pressure and heart rate quickly. To use this function, you have to press the clasp of the device for 20 seconds, which is attached to a heart-rate sensor. The check is over after 20 seconds, and it navigates to the trends dashboards where you can compare your recent results with the previous ones.

In the monitor-mode function, all of the sensors of the Simband are activated and they display a real-time feed of all the data that are being gathered.

The device can be synced with Wi-Fi and the same information can be tracked online, apart from the dashboard. The measurements obtained can be understood perfectly, which makes it valuable in health monitoring.

It is not yet clear if Samsung plans to launch the Simband for commercial use. As of now, it is going to be used as a research device.

Do you want the Simband to be released for commercial use? Do you use any fitness tracking wearable device? We would like to hear your thoughts.



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