Monday 18 November 2019
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ReVault- World’s First Wearable Cloud Storage

ReVault- World’s First Wearable Cloud Storage

If you are one of those who do not feel secure in storing your private data on the cloud, then ReVault might catch your interest. This device is termed as the world’s first local wireless storage that you can wear. It will give you the benefit of storing your data in a local storage yet access it across all of your devices. Until now, data storage facility was only available with cloud storage solutions like OneDrive and DropBox, but now you can get it locally. ReVault allows you to sync your data across all of your devices without the cloud. The device is different than other portable devices because it is a wearable device.

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A “Personal Cloud”

The developers of this device have made ReVault in such a way that it can be worn around the users’ neck or as a watch. This means the device will be available for syncing data. Users can also carry it in their pocket. The creators call it a “personal cloud”, which actually acts as a wireless hard drive. The wearable can connect wirelessly to tablets, smartphones and laptops using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is available in 32GB and 128GB versions.

The watch version of the ReVault has three bands to choose from: a mesh stainless steel, a black leather strap and a conventional stainless steel band. You can also customize the faces if you like. It has a Gorilla Glass 3 screen and durable. The creators claim that the device is water resistant as well.

How does it Work?

As the wearable is connected to your device, it can be installed to automatically sync data across all of your devices through the companion app. The app is available on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and Mac OS X. So, irrespective of the platforms used, ReVault can sync data across all devices.

To get music and video, you can stream it directly from the portable drive. This saves the users from taking up precious space on their mobile devices.

ReVault is running an Indiegogo campaign with a total funding goal of US$65,000. If you want to pre-order this device, you can do so for a minimum pledge of $169 for the 32GB model and $269 for the 128GB version. Shipping is expected to start from January 2016 if the funding goal is fulfilled.

Are you going to preorder ReVault? Do you use wearable devices? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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