Thursday 12 December 2019
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QBracelet- Charge Your Smartphone in Style

QBracelet- Charge Your Smartphone in Style

A dead phone in the middle of nowhere could give you a headache. This situation is the nightmare of many. Most of the people either carry a charger with them or use a power bank in case of emergencies. But these items have their own limitations. With a charger, you have to go in search for a power outlet and a power bank might be difficult to carry along wherever you go. To ease this woe, Q Designs, a startup, has come up with a smart bracelet named QBracelet which can be used for charging a battery of your smartphone on the go.

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QBracelet- Everything you Need to Know about?

The QBracelet is a fashionable bracelet which has integrated polymer lithium ion batteries that are rechargeable and can charge your device. At present, it is only available with an Apple Lightning Connector and will charge iPhone 5, 5s, 6 and 6+.  There are three different sizes of the QBracelet which includes Small, Medium and Large. The stylish wearable can charge a smartphone up to 60 percent. Depending on the condition of the smartphone’s battery and the model, the charging results might vary.

Your smartphone will be charged within 60 minutes roughly and the QBracelet’s full charge will be discharged.

To charge your QBracelet, you have to use a micro-USB cable which you need to plug into a USB slot in your computer or in a wall outlet. The time taken to fully recharge the QBracelet is 90 minutes.

How Does the QBracelet Work?

As you pull open the bracelet, you will see a pair of connectors. One is used to charge the bracelet and another for charging your smartphone. For charging your phone, you have to plug the designated connector into your smartphone. The QBracelet starts charging your device automatically. There is a circuit board and a polymer lithium ion battery inside the bracelet. The batteries in QBracelet transfer their energy to your device while charging.

The QBracelet will look stylish on your wrist and you can choose from four stylish colors- Matte Silver, Matte Black, Polished Gold and Polished Silver. Right now Q Designs is offering limited quantities of this bracelet for pre-order at a discounted rate of $78. You can place your pre-order from the official website.

Though the device is available for iOS right now, a micro-USB version for Androids will be available in the future.

Are you going to pre-order this bracelet? Have you used any such device which can charge your smartphone easily? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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