Saturday 18 January 2020
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Polar A300: A Smartwatch that Monitors Your Fitness and Daily Activity

Polar A300: A Smartwatch that Monitors Your Fitness and Daily Activity

Polar, a company based in Finland has been making wearable technology since a long time now. At CES this year, the company sponsored a triathlon so that its new line of gadgets would be highlighted. A smart coaching system named Polar Flow and a fitness band, were some of the gadgets unveiled at the CES.  Polar had earlier launched the V800, a wearable fitness tracker for serious athletes. Now it has launched the A300, a lighter version of V800 which is intended for casual athletes.

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The A300 Fitness Tracker

The A300 can turn out to be a coaching system for the users and can maintain a digital diary of the exercise regimen of the wearer. It also helps the wearer to connect with other fitness freaks in the community.

With this tracker, casual athletes will be able to track their progress and study their routine. The wearable has heart rate sensors which can track the calories you burn, the distance you travel and more.

Features of A300

  • Activity Tracking

It can track your daily activity at different levels of intensity and show distance traveled, steps taken and calories burned.

  • Advice and Feedback for your Activity

You will know your daily activity goal and also get advice on how you can reach that goal. You will also receive feedback on the activity you perform on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • Fitness Test

It can measure your aerobic fitness at rest and analyze your maximum uptake of oxygen. This tells you exactly how your fitness is evolving.

  • Heart Rate Measurement

When the A300 is paired up with the Polar H7 heart rate sensor, your heartbeat can be measured and you will learn when you are improving your fitness or burning fat the most. In hear rate based training, the A300 provides the most precise calorie burn measurement.

  • Sleep Tracking

The wearable tracks your sleep duration and quality automatically, when you wear it to sleep. With Polar Flow web service and app, you will be able to view and study your sleeping patterns. The web service and app is an online community and service, with which you can know the long term progress you make.

  • Inactivity Alert

The gadget is not just responsible for measuring your activities. It can track if you are sitting for a long time and vibrates to alert you.

  • Different Colored Wristband

There are wristbands of different colors which you can change easily to match with your outfit or mood. The colors you can choose from include black, white, blue, pink, yellow or grey.

  • Easy charging

With a simple plug and play USB, you can charge your wearable easily.

There is also an app called MyFitnessPal, which you can connect with your gadget and track the total calories you consume and use up. The app is compatible with iOS devices only.

If you want the A300 wearable fitness tracker, you have to spend $159.95. For interchangeable wristbands in different colors, you have to pay an extra $24.95 for each color.

Are you going to buy the A300 Polar wristband? Have you used any other fitness tracker which you liked the best? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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