Thursday 21 November 2019
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Philips Fluid- The Wearable Phone with Flexible Display

Philips Fluid- The Wearable Phone with Flexible Display

With numerous wearable techs being developed at a rapid rate, it becomes tough to understand which one is worth spending your money on. Dinard da Mata, is a Brazilian designer who has conceived a concept wearable phone for Philips. It is termed as “Fluid” and this concept smartphone shows a phone which is flexible and can be bent and worn as a bracelet.  It will be helpful for those who don’t want to carry their phones in their pockets. Outdoor enthusiasts, athletes and even fashion conscious people will find this concept beneficial. The name comes from a flexible OLED display which is supposed to make it easier to use and provide better mobility.

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Requirements to Make this Phone a Bracelet

To make this phone a bracelet it is likely necessary to have an interior which would be constructed in sections. This would enable the phone to be bent safely without causing any damage to the electronics inside. The interlocking joints would be perfect for this purpose and it will curve around the wrist and protect it.

Will Philips Fluid Be Real?

The OLED technology is already here, so it can be hoped that the Philips Fluid might be materialized from the concept, which is present now. In fact, technology is progressing towards flexible tech but it is still not clear whether these types of wearables will be welcomed by general people. Instead of wearing a phone in their hands, some might prefer to go with regular hand-held phones. However, a phone which can double up as a bracelet might turn to be popular among fashion conscious people. Even people who would prefer to have their phones somewhere safe while biking, running or walking, will find this interesting. They don’t have to worry about losing their phones. Checking the phones and storing them will become easier.

The possibility of the Philips Fluid to become a reality is high. However, it remains to be seen when that will actually occur and the concept will see the lights of the day.

Do you want to use this wearable when it is available? Would you like to see more such innovations in the future? Share your thoughts with us.


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