Wednesday 22 January 2020
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Olio Model One Lets You Control Your Digital Life

Olio Model One Lets You Control Your Digital Life

Olio Devices, a startup focused on creating premium products and ensuring connectivity, has announced its entry in the world of smartwatches. Steve Jacobs, the CEO and founder of the company has an extensive experience of developing products for Apple, Google, Amazon, HP and Beats by Dre. The company has developed the Model One series which was unveiled a couple of days ago. The connected watch has distinct characteristics which makes it different from other connected watches in the market.

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The Model One Olio Smartwatch

The Model One series is hand-finished and has a premium feel to it. It has water-resistant steel case and glass backs. The glass backs show the charging coils of the watch which are embedded within it. Different proprietary technologies are used by the watch which provides additional features to it like, extending battery life to two days, improving display quality, etc.

There are no buttons in the watch and you have to do everything with touch. The color LCD screen looks good.

One Combined Interface

The smartwatch depends on a smartphone for heavy works and for accessing the Internet. It works with both Android and iOS devices. Instead of providing separate apps, the watch tries to provide the users with everything they need in one combined interface. Spoke like lines will be visible on the watch face which will give you a view of your activities of last 12 hours. A long line implies you have many incoming notifications, whereas a short one means the opposite. To see things that have already occurred, swipe from left and for viewing upcoming events, swipe to the right.

You will be able to carry out certain tasks like take action on incoming text messages with Olio Assist, a cloud-based service.

All these features make the price of the Olio Model One a bit on the higher side at $595.

Third-Party Apps Not Supported

Third-party apps are not supported by the Model One. Steve Jacobs thinks that over time, the whole smartwatch category will move away from apps. He said that people would prefer functionalities of a smartwatch appear right where they require it, instead of running any software. He described the approach will be like “I don’t need to worry about finding the app for anything, because the pertinent information is always there.”

If his thought is right, Olio will be ahead of its competitors. However, right now it might prove to be a drawback for the company.

What do you think? Should Olio include third party apps? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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