Thursday 21 November 2019
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NeuroOn: World’s First Personal Sleep Architect

NeuroOn: World’s First Personal Sleep Architect

We are becoming increasingly dependent on smart devices to make our life easier and hassle free. Lots of wearable devices with varied functions are being developed to cater to this increasing need. While some might help you keep track of your fitness routine, others might help you in your kitchen. Now another smart sleep mask, called the Neuro:On will help you track your sleep and also carry out other functions which will ensure that you get a good night of sleep. The Neuro:On was funded in a Kickstarter campaign.

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How does the Mask Look Like?

At present, the mask looks like a heavier version of one of the sleep masks that is used generally at night. However, the final version will be made thinner and more comfortable before it is released in the market. There is a removable “brain” which is present at the front of the mask and all the clever stuff happens there. There are many sensors in this mask. The current version is made of plastic and has got a lot of bumps. However, the final version will be smooth, flat and will be covered in silicone. It will be available in a few colors, and the option to personalize it will be added later.

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How does it Work?

Every aspect of your sleep is monitored by combining the different sensors which include a temperature sensor, an accelerometer and an EEG. Neuro:On creates an artificial dawn to wake you up during a light stage of sleep. This will help you feel more rejuvenated.

You will no longer need an annoying alarm clock to wake you up from sleep. A series of lights will spark for milliseconds at a time. This will occur when the device tracks the approaching time for your wake up call. Your body will be brought out of sleep gently instead of the harsh sounds of an alarm clock. A vibrate alert ensures that you are awakened by all means.

It is designed to help you get the best sleep in your available time and with light therapy it can manipulate your sleep patterns.

The data collected by the masks can be synced with your smartphone using Bluetooth. This can be done in the morning itself instead of keeping it connected overnight. A small battery powers the mask and it needs to be recharged every five days, based on eight hours of sleep. A micros USB connection is used to recharge the device.

You can order the device from the official website and have a peaceful night of sleep.

Do you use any sleep masks? Are you going to buy the Nuero:On? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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