Saturday 18 January 2020
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Netatmo’s JUNE bracelet Keeps Your Skin Safe from Sunlight

Netatmo’s JUNE bracelet Keeps Your Skin Safe from Sunlight

Wearable devices can help you in many ways. While some may help you charge your smartphone, others may make your home smart. Fitness wearables are the most common. You will find many wearable devices which can help you track your fitness activities and keep you in good shape. However, now there is a wearable developed by Netatmo, a company dedicated to developing connected consumer electronics. The device is called JUNE and using this you don’t have to worry about the dangers of stepping out in the sun. Now, you can get proper and timely advice from JUNE and soak up the sun in peace.

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Step Out in the Sun in Style

JUNE measures your exposure to the sun as you move throughout the entire day. It interacts with your smartphone and gives you the information through the JUNE app. You will be informed about the level of your exposure and also get advice in real-time on how you can protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Starting from suggestions like carrying sunglasses or hat, to using the right sunscreen, you can get every type of advice.

Specific Recommendations Just for You

Keeping the present UV levels in account, JUNE gives you suggestions on the most suitable SPF cream for your skin. You will also get reminders on wearing your sunglasses or putting on your hat, when you step outside. The device will even advice you when you should move from the sun into the shade. This will help you to protect yourself from getting sunburns and avoid premature aging of your skin.

Worn as a Jewelry

JUNE can be worn as a piece of jewelry and has been crafted to resemble a diamond. The facets of the device shine as the sun’s rays fall on it. You can choose from three colors- gold, platinum and gunmetal. It can either be worn on a premium silicon wrapband or on a leather band. The band is suitable for wrist sizes between 15.5 cm and 19 cm.

The device is splash, sweat and rain resistant, but you should not immerse it in water. For cleaning, use a dry and soft cloth and avoid solvents. Battery of the device lasts for 1 month and full charging is done in 12 hours.


This free app is compatible with iPhone 4S or later and you can get it without any subscription fee. You can download the app from Apple App Store. It requires iOS7 or later and uses Bluetooth Low Energy connection.

Are you going to buy JUNE? Do you use any wearable tech? We would love to hear your views.



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