Thursday 12 December 2019
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Moff Band- A Wearable that Turns Every Hand Movement to Sounds

Moff Band- A Wearable that Turns Every Hand Movement to Sounds

The wearable technology market is expanding at a rapid rate. The smart devices that are being developed are no longer limited for use by men. More and more developers are working on creating devices which can target women and also kids. Moff Inc., based in Tokyo, is one such developer which has made a wearable band aimed at kids. The Moff Band made its first appearance on Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign last year. Recently, it was displayed at the Toy Fair 2015 and now you can buy it for your kids and let them have the maximum fun.

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How to Use the Moff Band?

The Moff Band transform your kid’s every movement into sounds. It is a slap-on band which is made of silicone and does not have any buckle. The band fits any wrist size. It has a single button and can be powered up in seconds after wearing it.

With the Bluetooth connection, the band connects to the iOS app and it can generate different sounds depending on the movement of the kid’s wrist.

This means that anything your kid picks up can turn into a magic wand, a motorcycle, a sword, a golf club and more. Even two Moff bands can connect to the same iPhone or iPad. This means more sounds.

Other Specifications

Apart from Bluetooth, the Moff Band consists of gyro sensors and in-built accelerometer. This helps in tracking the movement if the kids’ wrists and generate sounds accordingly. Kids can use their imagination and swing their wrists to play anything from ninja swords to air drums and more. The band can not only be connected to the Apple devices but it can also be paired with the stereo system of your living room.

There are a range of colors to choose from which include Mighty Blue, Magic Magenta, Moff Orange, Mystery Lime and Mellow Yellow. If any retail channel requests, Moff Inc. can create cover shapes and custom colors for the Moff Band. Kids in the age group of 3 to 12 can use the Moff Band, however even adults can try them out just for fun and relive their childhood.

You can head to the official page of the company and place your order today. The Moff Band is available in Amazon.

Are you going to buy the Moff Band for your kid? Do you know about any other wearable technology dedicated for kids? Looking forward to hear from you.



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