Saturday 18 January 2020
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LookSee Bracelet- Style up Your Bracelet to Match your Mood

LookSee Bracelet- Style up Your Bracelet to Match your Mood

Smart bracelets can accentuate your style in many ways. Now, we have a smart bracelet by LookSee Labs which will let you change the pattern of your bracelet to match your mood. This e-ink smart bracelet is the perfect combination of fashion and tech and allows the user to customize the design through images. The device works with the LookSee app to provide a number of patterns which are displayed on the bracelet in a series.

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How Does the LookSee Bracelet Work?

The LookSee bracelet connects with the app through Bluetooth. It receives the images from your phone and shows them on an ultra-thin, e-ink display. Up to 15 images can be stored in the bracelet for phone-free ease. You can control everything with the app, starting from the artwork that will be shown, to the time when it will be shown. It can even filter notifications with optional keywords. The app can control how these notifications will be shown, it can control the clock and more.

Apart from a library of beautiful photos and patterns to select from, you will be able to create your own custom artwork with the camera of your phone.

Long Battery Life

Since the display consists of only black, white and grayscale, the battery is saved a lot. If you update the images every hour, it will last around 1 year. For image update of every 10 minutes, the battery will last around 2 month. A rechargeable lithium polymer battery is used for the bracelet.

TechCrunch states “The LookSee pairs with a LookSee app via Bluetooth to let users choose from either hundreds of pre-loaded photos and patterns or from their own photos, which are then displayed in a series on the bracelet. It uses an e-ink display, meaning that it saves a lot of battery but only displays in black and white (grayscale). According to the founders, the LookSee holds a charge for a year.”

Geeky Gadgets says “LookSee has been designed to link via Bluetooth to a companion application on your smartphone or tablet and enable the user to select from either hundreds of preloaded photos and patterns or create their very own which can then be uploaded to the bracelet to create a very unique pattern.”

Even if you don’t have a phone with you, the integrated memory of the bracelet will give a slideshow of the stored images. However, to show an image from the phone, you will need it with you. iPhones and iPads with Bluetooth Low Energy that run on iOS8 or iOS7 are supported by LookSee.

Depending on your mood, you can choose from patterns like hearts and roses, skulls and crossbones, intricate designs and more. The LookSee bracelet will be your way to express your mood to the world around you. The bracelet comes in three different sizes- small, medium and large which makes it suitable for both men and women.

You can register in the LookSee site to be among the first to receive the LookSee bracelet when it is finally available in the market.

Are you going to register for the LookSee bracelet? Have you used any other smart wearable? We would love to hear your thoughts.



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