Saturday 18 January 2020
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Jewelbots Smart Bracelet Helps Girls to Learn Coding

Jewelbots Smart Bracelet Helps Girls to Learn Coding

The good old friendship bracelet will make its return in the form of a smart wearable, this time to teach teenage girls how to code. Jewelbots is a programmable wearable which is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. The aim is to encourage tween and teen girls to learn coding using basic logic. The funding goal was achieved in just 19 hours. This means we can expect to get the bracelet and make coding more popular. Let us have a look at how this smart jewelry can be used to teach coding.

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Jewelbots- The Friendship Bracelet

There are four LED lights, a vibration motor and Bluetooth connectivity in this simple bracelet. It is paired with a companion Jewelbots Android and iOS app.

Based on color, girls can add their friends to various friend groups. When their friends are close, the bracelet will light up in the same color. The wearable can also be used to send out secret messages to the friends. All this is possible without any smartphone. So, if you are in your classroom and want to send a message to your friend in another class, you can easily do so with this wearable.

With simple logic, the bracelet can even be extended to do much more than just send messages. This can be done by using a smartphone and workflow of “if this then that” style.

It can also be plugged into a computer using USB. With the Arduino integrated development technique (IDE), it can be developed to build further extensions.

Jewelbots co-founder Sarah Chipps said “When MySpace was a big thing, knowing HTML and CSS was cool, and now that Minecraft is big, kids want to make awesome models so they’re coding in Java. We’re trying to reverse engineer that with Jewelbots.”

Kickstarter Campaign

The total funding goal of the campaign was $30,000. At the time of writing, the total fund raised is $109,334, which is more than triple the total goal. It has still 15 days to. The campaign will end on 7th August, 2015. All the Early Bird and Super Early Bird offers are gone. If you want this friendship bracelet before it is released in the market, you can pledge $59 or more. For two Jewelbots, you have to contribute $89 or more.

So, are you going to contribute your funds for the project? Do you think teen girls will really be interested in coding with Jewelbots? We would like to hear your thoughts.

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