Monday 26 August 2019
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Jawbone UP4 Lets You Pay with American Express

Jawbone UP4 Lets You Pay with American Express

Jawbone is yet to ship its much-delayed UP3 fitness tracker. However, the company has already announced two new fitness bands surprisingly- the UP2 and UP4. The UP2 is a scaled down version of the UP3 and will replace the UP24 wearable. The price of this fitness band will be lower than the UP3. However, the more significant announcement is that of the Jawbone UP4 will allow you to make purchases and pay with American Express, if you are a customer of this financial services corporation. Just a tap at the checkout and your payment is made.

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The Jawbone UP2

The Jawbone UP2 will cost $99 and is more stylish than the UP24. It can sync with your phone through Bluetooth. Sleep and activity tracking is a part of this band. Many of the design elements of UP3 will be available in UP2. The size is smaller than UP24. The UP2 has features like vibrating notifications and smart alarm clock that awakens you up at the right time in your sleep cycle. You can get the Jawbone UP2 from Best Buy and Amazon.

The Jawbone UP4

The Jawbone UP4 however, is quite different than UP2. It has a much higher price of $199 and is similar to UP3, with just one difference. The NFC payment feature makes it different than the UP3. This has been possible as a result of partnership with the American Express.

With UP4, Jawbone has become the first company which has integrated mobile payment function in a fitness wearable.

How to use the AmEx Card?

According to Tony Prentice, the Vice President of mobile payments at American Express, the inclusion of this feature has been possible after long negotiations between the two companies. All the health tracking features of Jawbone UP3 are present in UP4 which include deeper sleep analytics, heart-rate monitoring, etc. However, now an NFC chip has been added to the band.

If you want to make your purchase with your AmEx card, you just have to hold up your wrist wearing the UP4 to an NFC terminal. Follow the instructions that you get and you will be able to complete your transaction.

Jason Donahue, the senior product manager at Jawbone said “Adding payments unlocks a lot of experiences that’s worthy of a whole new [version] number. We’re changing the way people have to think about their fitness and their lifestyle … No longer do we have to go out for a run with a giant phone in our pocket.”

Once you own a Jawbone UP4, you will see a link within the UP app which will lead to a sign up form for an AmEx card, if you don’t have one. However, you cannot track the purchases you make from the app, due to strict data privacy policies.

Are you going to buy the Jawbone UP4? Did you use any fitness band from Jawbone? We would love to hear your thoughts.



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