Thursday 12 December 2019
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5 Incognito Wearables that You Didn’t know About

5 Incognito Wearables that You Didn’t know About

If you love new wearable devices but are not too comfortable wearing them in front of everybody, you can opt for incognito wearables. There are some devices which will remain hidden from the eyes of people and you can wear them discreetly.

Take a look at our list of 5 best hidden wearables:

  • Cuff

cuff GPS bracelet                                        Image:

These are GPS bracelets which can be connected to devices, worn by others. As the wearer of another device presses a button, it will vibrate. It can be used as a tool for emergencies or for fashion. It looks like a fashionable jewelry instead of a smart device. The device can be operated with relevant Android and iOS apps. You don’t have to change any batteries. The price ranges from $50 to $150 for pre-order.

  • The Dash Headphones

The Dash Headphones                               Image:

These headphones do not come with any wire and can be just placed in your ear. You can learn about your body temperature, heart rate, number of steps taken and calories burned and speed. You can also listen to music with these devices and they won’t be protruding out of your ears. Pre-order price is $299.

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  • The D-Shirt

Smart Sensing Digital Shirt                                    Image:

The Digital Shirt has been developed by Cityzen Sciences. The shirt’s fabric has sensors in it which are connected to a Bluetooth transmitter. These sensors will help in tracking your activity while you move. The information is then sent to your smartphone.

You can wash and iron the shirt, but you have to remove the transmitter first. Even though it is enhanced with technology, the creators claim that it weighs almost similar to any regular T-shirt.

  • Ring

Ring Wearable Input Device                                Image:

Your finger will have a lot of computing power with the Ring. You will be able to control apps and even your home appliances, using custom gestures. You will also be able to write text easily just by using your finger to draw the letters in the air. You don’t have to worry about the Ring as it will look like a normal one to onlookers.

It had started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds with a goal of $250,000. The final funding was three times over the actual goal and devices will be shipped out soon.

  • Smarter Socks

Smarter Socks                                    Image:

An RFID chip and BlackSocks app are used to connect each of the socks with your smartphone. Once the setup is done, your socks can be paired forever with only the other sock. So, if you are in the habit of wearing different socks on each leg, this wearable will set you straight.

The app keeps a track of the number of times your socks have been washed and how many washes are left before the smart features of your socks gets diminished.

So, get your pick and find the one which suits your need the best. Use the latest wearables without looking like a nerd.

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