Friday 22 November 2019
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7 Movies That Used Wearable Technology

7 Movies That Used Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is now very popular. You will find numerous wearable devices which have developed over the past few years. However, even before these devices were developed, we saw their use in various Hollywood movies. If you can recall, you will find a list of movies where the use of this technology was depicted in one way or the other.

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Here are seven movies which were blockbusters and which made the use of wearable technology.

  • The Terminator

This movie saw the use of wearable tech in a large way. The original Terminator used a range of Cyberdyne Systems that were developed in embedded technologies like object recognition, vision enhancement, OCR and tracking. These technologies were used in his mission to track and finish John Connor.

  • Star Wars

The famous black armor of Darth Vader in Star Wars added to the style statement and also acted as a life-support suit. The functionality of the armor, shown in the movie was quite ahead of its time as it happened a galaxy far, far away.

  • Minority Report

In Minority Report, Tom Cruise was seen using many technologies which seem to match with the technologies we have today. Personalized advertising, iris recognition, which can be seen in Google Glass, gesture controlled gloves, which is similar to Kinect on the Xbox One, are some of the technologies that were used in Minority Report.

  • Harry Potter

The invisibility cloak shown in Harry Potter has given scientists something to think upon. The possibilities are huge. US scientists are trying to develop such a device which can hide objects at a large range of light frequencies.

  • RoboCop

RoboCop was also similar to Star Trek’s Darth. He required his suit to get a second chance in life. The suit was fully equipped so that baddies could be destroyed easily. RoboCop was half man and half machine.

  • James Bond Movies

James Bond movies have always been full of advanced technologies. So it is obvious that wearable tech will be a part of it. An impressive array of watches has featured in many Bond movies. In the movie Moonraker, Bond escaped with a watch full of explosives. In Live and Let Die, he used a Rolex which worked as a magnet. In Octopussy, his Seiko had a color TV screen and a tracking device.

  • Back to the Future II

This film saw an extensive use of wearable tech. From a self-drying jacket that adjusted to the wearer’s size to a pair of Nike shoes that laced themselves up whenever the wearer stepped into them, people got new things to imagine.

We can hope that in the coming years, we will get more movies where futuristic technologies will be shown and we will get them developed in real life.

Do you know about any other movies which used wearable technology? Which movies did you like the best among the ones mentioned above? We would like to hear your thoughts.



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