Thursday 21 November 2019
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Huawei Teases a Brand New Wearable on Twitter

Huawei Teases a Brand New Wearable on Twitter

Wearables are an in-thing right now. Most of the big names in the tech industry are now developing wearable devices to be ahead of their competitors. Huawei has also stepped into this market, but the details of the device are not yet disclosed. The company has only hinted about a new mystery wearable, that too on Twitter. It has unveiled the new Honor Band Zero smartwatch with a tweet along with an image of the device.

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Honor Band Zero

No details have been provided by the company about the new smartwatch yet. The image shows that it has a rounded form and a distinct, metallic-looking bezel. This won’t be the first smartwatch which will be circular in shape. LG G Watch R and Motorola Moto 360 are two other devices which have a similar shape. The image which has been provided by Huawei on Twitter shows the screen turned off. This stops us from knowing whether it will run on Android Wear or use its own software like the Talkband B2.

It has IP68 certification which means that the Honor Band Zero can handle the elements of weather like water, dust and other harmful substances.

Will it be a Fitness Device?

The description that has been provided by Huawei in its tweet about Band Zero, states it to be a “smart wearable device” instead of smartwatch. This could mean that the device will be used as a fitness tracker or something similar to Misfit, Jawbone and Fitbit, instead of LG Watch Urbane and Apple Watch.

The Band Zero is set to be first wearable which will be released under the sub-brand of Huawei, Honor. The brand focuses on online sales and on minimizing marketing, thereby helping in reducing the cost of its items.

No price has been mentioned yet. It is speculated that the device will hit China in August and will be available in three colors: Black, White and Beige.

Are you going to get this wearable? Do you know about any other similar wearable? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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