Saturday 18 January 2020
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Hitachi’s Latest Wearable can Measure Workplace Happiness

Hitachi’s Latest Wearable can Measure Workplace Happiness

Hitachi, the Japanese multinational firm announced that it has created a wearable device which can measure people’s happiness. Yes you read that right! There are already many wearables in the market which can be used to track fitness activities and monitor your health. However, none of them could measure whether you are happy or not. The company hasn’t revealed how happiness is gauged by the device and has kept it a secret. Let us find out how the device works.

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How does the Wearable work to measure Happiness?

The company said that users are required to wear a device which is of the size of a card. The device has an acceleration sensor that is responsible for monitoring the behavior of a group. The data collected by the sensors is sent to cloud-based servers.

The data is collected by the card 50 times a second and by observing different types of movements like typing, walking and nodding, it detects specific types of actions. The collected data is then used by the wearable to infer the overall mood of the group.

Effective Use in Workplace

This new technology could find effective use in a workplace environment. Many studies over the years have found out that when workers are happier, the productivity increases. Time and again managers have tried many methods to find out whether the workers they supervise are happy or not.

Common sense implies that having a device strapped to a worker could surely cause unhappiness in them as their bosses could monitor their emotions constantly. However, Hitachi says that the wearable technology does not focus on an individual, rather on the feelings of a group of people.

The company believes that since data is collected on a real-time basis, firms can find new ways to keep their employees happy and improving the overall happiness of the group.

Companies will be able to get the technology on a subscription-based service. For each card, they have to pay an annual fee of Y100,000 or £550. Hitachi has also said that the wearable they have developed, they plan to use it on their own employees.

So, now with a wearable that can measure happiness, it can be expected that firms can improve their workplace environment.

Are you going to try this new wearable? Do you think this can be helpful for companies? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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