Monday 26 August 2019
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HIRIS- First Gesture Control Wearable to Simplify your Life

HIRIS- First Gesture Control Wearable to Simplify your Life

Wearables are meant to simplify our life. They are developed to give us the ease to perform a task, which would otherwise be tough to do. Different companies come up with new innovations which can affect our life in a positive way. Circle Garage, a startup based in Italy has created HIRIS, the multi-function wearable. The company claims that this is the first wearable which is controlled with gestures and works on almost any app and can be used for any lifestyle. It claims to be different than other wearables due to its gesture control and tracking functions.

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HIRIS- How does it Work?

The wearable is said to work with almost any application, right from sports and fitness to health monitoring, to gaming, to home control and even flying your drone with gestures and air touch commands.

You will be able to create a connected surrounding as per your requirement, using HIRIS. All you need to do is just flick your wrist or any other body part. You will be able to keep a track on your wellbeing, technique, capture your every movement or monitor exact performance metrics.

The device will also allow you to set the temperature remotely. HIRIS learns about your desired comfort setting on the basis of the daily activities by tracking with Nest Thermostat and IFTTT. If you want to advance slides in your presentation deck, you can wave at the screen.

Marco Gaudina, founder and inventor of HIRIS said “To us, HIRIS is more than a wellness companion, but a new key with the capability to help us manage tasks with simple gestures and commands. We are very excited to move into the next phase and begin preparing for mass production so that we can bring HIRIS to the masses.”

Slash Gear stated “There are two different types of HIRIS wearables: the Core and the Tracker. The Tracker keeps tabs on one’s body or other things — hence the tracking — and is useful for monitoring calories and such. The Core, meanwhile, performs the basic functions including mobile control, social networking, gestures, and more.”

Ubergizmo stated “The HIRIS is unique and powerful enough to analyze 3D gesture movements in addition to tracking fitness and sports performance – in real time, now how about that? HIRIS is also fully customizable so that it can adapt to just about any interest thanks to a rich library of accompanying apps which can be downloaded via the HIRIS Store. Basic gestures enables one to control the likes of drones, DJ decks, presentations, animations, and games, among others.”

Compatible with Other Devices

The best thing about HIRIS is that it is compatible with other devices like Philips Hue, Spotify and GoPro. It will soon work with IFTTT and Nest Thermostat. You will be able to capture and record your surfing activities on GoPro with gesture control. You just need to wave your hand and the job is done.

The lights can be made dim using Philips Hue and HIRIS will set the mood of your home with motion-controlled gesture. Using Spotify, you will be able to see the playlists, select a song and make volume adjustments by flicking your wrist.

The company has recently received more than $84,000 funds with an Indiegogo campaign. Shipping is expected to start by September 2015. Mass production of HIRIS will be done with the funds raised from the crowdsourcing campaign.

What do you think about HIRIS? Will you be purchasing this wearable? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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