Thursday 21 November 2019
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Emulsion- The Oil and Water Based Analog Activity Tracker

Emulsion- The Oil and Water Based Analog Activity Tracker

If you are a gadget freak, you might have already spent hundreds of dollars to buy digital fitness trackers like the Jawbone Up or the FitBit, which can track your activities. You learn about the daily steps you take as accelerometers use GPS, which in turn syncs with hard drives in the cloud and create the required graph. However, now an “analog activity tracker” has been developed which will make these digital trackers look silly. Emulsion is a device which has been developed by Skrekkøgle, a design studio based in Oslo. So, what is this analog tracker all about? Let us have a look at this post to know more.

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Emulsion- The Analog Activity Tracker

The watch works using a very simple and plain logic which makes all the digital intricacies look really silly. There are no complicated sensors or any other hardware in the Emulsion, but still it can successfully let you know when you need to start working out.

Unmixable liquids like dyed water and mineral oil are filled in the watch. When you are active or moving around, the liquids break up into small droplets. The watch will remind you of the oil-dropping toys which were used by many in the ‘90s. Over time, when you are not moving, the droplets get back together. When you see these droplets together, you will get an indication that you need to move again.

Lars Marcus Vedeler from Skrekkøgle said “The concept came to life more as a joke. Even though many fitness trackers are great, we talked about how the product category is way too exaggerated and saturated. With the prototypes we wanted to show that we could achieve much of the same feedback, with very simple means. But, when it turned out as distinct and mesmerizing as it did, it moved from being a spoof, to holding its own as an actual product – without any chips or screens and best of all, no batteries.”

Only A Concept

When you compare this interaction of oily water to an Apple Watch, which starts buzzing if you are sitting for a long while, or a Garmin, which shows big red bars when you haven’t moved in a while, you will find the Emulsion a peaceful device.

This analog activity tracker can be considered to be non-judgmental in the indication it gives. It is also mesmerizing to look at. You can be more active after wearing the watch, or you can choose to sit and watch the accumulated liquid.

Right now, Emulsion is just a concept. However if it generates enough interest, Skrekkøgle might manufacture it in the future.

Do you think Emulsion could be a good activity tracker? Would you like to see it produced in the future? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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