Monday 9 December 2019
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Dole’s Smart Banana: World First Edible Wearable!

Dole’s Smart Banana: World First Edible Wearable!

Fitness wearables are a hit among fitness enthusiasts. There are many devices like Misfit Flash, Jawbone Up24, FitBit Charge, etc. to track the fitness activities of the users. However, these wearables can only provide the users with information like the calories burned, number of steps they have taken, the distance they have covered or their speed. Till date, there was no such wearable which could provide you with instant energy while on the go. Now, with Dole Japan, you will get the first ever wearable from which you can get instant energy. The company has launched a wearable banana which can actually be eaten.

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New Smart Banana- How will it Work?

Since 2008, Dole Japan has been backing the Tokyo Marathon but this year, it will take its support to an all new level. Among the 30,000 participants in the Marathon, two runners will be wearing the new smart banana from the company. So, how will this wearable be different from others?

Dole created the first wearable banana by inserting sensors and an LED display inside the skin of the banana. With these tech integrated in the fruit, it will be able to monitor the heart rate of the runners as well as their race time. They will also get Twitter messages from friends and followers which urge them to give their best in the race.

These features might be similar to other wearables but what brings the difference is that the smart banana advises the users to eat more bananas when they are at the checkpoints along the route. When the race is completed, the runners using the wearable, will be able to eat this smart banana just like any normal one. Even a message is displayed on the banana which says ‘Eat Me!’

However it is quite doubtful, how the banana will taste with all the embedded tech in it.

A Quick Look at the Features of Wearable Banana

  • Shows race time on the banana with hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Shows the heart rate with a heart sign preceding the reading.
  • Shows messages like Go! Run!
  • Shows messages like Eat Me! You can eat the bananas and get charged up for your race.
  • At the end of the race, shows a message which says See You! Tokyo Marathon 2015.

The wearable banana will make its debut on 22nd February, at the Tokyo Marathon 2015.

What do you think about this new wearable banana? Is it an advantage over other wearables? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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