Saturday 18 January 2020
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DigiSEq Brings Contactless Payments to Wearable Devices

DigiSEq Brings Contactless Payments to Wearable Devices

Now Wearable devices will also be personalized for making contactless payments, thanks to DigiSEq. The company is the first to have developed the technology which will let wearables to be personalized remotely so that they can be used for contactless payments. The company has also got approval from MasterCard using the M/Chip™ Advance payment application. So how will it work? Is the payment secure? If you are having these questions in your mind, check the post below where you will get solutions to all your queries.

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Secure Payment Solution

The solution from DigiSEq is secure and using it the consumer payment credentials are delivered into wearables like bracelets, watches, key fobs, etc. safely. This will enable the users to make contactless payments instantly after they buy the wearable device.

Terrie Smith, CEO of DigiSEq, said “DigiSEq provides a unique solution that bridges the wearables and payments industries, and makes the provisioning of consumer devices for payment both easy and secure for the consumer. DigiSEq has been approved by MasterCard under their Global Vendor Certification Program as a Trusted Service Manager with a Tier 1 datacenter for global 24/365 continuous operation and an expert team to provide end-to-end support to service providers and issuers.”

Scott Abrahams, head of emerging payments and acceptance at MasterCard UK and Ireland said “With DigiSEq being part of the Emerging Payments Associations ‘Catalyst’ programme, of which MasterCard is a supporter and sponsor, it’s great to see the success it has achieved. MasterCard is keen to encourage this kind of innovation as wearables are an exciting part of the future of payments.”

Contactless Payments Add to the Appeal of Wearables

Wearable devices are already advanced and companies are looking for new features which can add to the appeal of these devices. Contactless payments are one such feature which will make the wearable devices even more appealing to the consumers. Earlier, wearable devices didn’t have the capability to get payment credentials on the spot when the consumer is making the purchase. However, now with DigiSEq, this problem is solved.

Consumers won’t have to depend any more on their banks to get the devices for making contactless payments. They can now choose their own device and payment account. The remote personalization of DigiSEq takes wearable payments to a whole new level in markets like Lifestyle and Fashion, Festivals & Events.

Now, wearable devices will be more in demand among the consumers with this added feature.

What do you think about this feature? Will you be making contactless payments now with your wearables? We would like to hear your thoughts.


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