Thursday 21 November 2019
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Brightly- This Wearable Tells You When to Use the Washroom

Brightly- This Wearable Tells You When to Use the Washroom

There are many people who suffer from loss of bladder control and often find themselves in embarrassing situations. People over 65 tend to suffer more from this problem. However, this can happen to any individual, irrespective of the age and gender. There are very few options to manage the condition. However, Lir Scientific has brought forth a new wearable device called Brightly which can manage such situations. In fact the adult diaper industry might be at a risk with the development of this device. How does this device work? Let us have a look at this post to know more.

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How Does Brightly Work?

The belt-like wearable device has biosensors that can sense the bladder expanding. Brightly uses Bluetooth to send an alert to the user’s smartphone so that they can know beforehand and use the bathroom on time.

Jean Rintoul, the CEO of Lir Scientific said “The idea is to give people back some dignity and independence.”

On the development of wearable, Rintoul said “I realized the bladder is one of the easiest things to see with the technology because it’s this large balloon of conductive material which is expanding and contracting.”

Not a Trendy Wearable but a Useful One

It might not be considered as a trendy wearable. However, Brightly will be a really useful device which can help people suffering from bladder problem. It is unlikely to get the attention from the elite of Silicon Valley.

However, it will serve a specific group with the particular need. People, who are in actual need, will definitely spend money willingly for this practical device. This could help the company find long-term success in the wearable tech market. Rintoul told Wired: “For some types of startups, it does seem like their goal is a race to the bottom of tiny innovations. We’re trying to take a broader perspective with our technology, especially by targeting an older population. After all, we all are getting older.”

The price of Brightly will tentatively be $400. It might seem to be expensive at first, but if we take into consideration the cost of numerous ultrasounds, it will be cheaper.

What do you think about Brightly? Do you think this is a useful wearable? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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