Monday 9 December 2019
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AYO Eyewear Boosts Your Energy with Light Therapy

AYO Eyewear Boosts Your Energy with Light Therapy

You can now boost your energy using light therapy, thanks to a new wearable device which will soon be available for the consumers. Novalogy, a wearable tech startup has unveiled AYO an advanced eyewear which will boost your energy level, help you to wake up naturally even if you are jet lagged. The device is based on research which has been scientifically backed by Harvard and Oxford University. It evaluates the lifestyle and sleep habits of the users and provides them a more personalized experience. So what can you get from the device? Let us check out the post.

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AYO- Energy Boosting Wearable

This device features UV-free lighting and is connected using Bluetooth. The clinically-tested lighting technology enhances sleep, augments energy and reduces jet lag. Many of us are now exposed to artificial light and do not get natural sunlight when we work indoors for hours. This leads to an imbalance in hormone levels which can lead to a risk of obesity, lack of energy, sleep disorders, reduced hormone levels and an irregular sleep pattern.

The AYO device if worn for 20 minutes could help fight these problems. The energy level could increase and hormone levels could be improved with the use of safe and natural blue light which mimics sunlight. People, who are tired and often end up snoozing, could find this device useful as they could get their natural sleeping pattern back and their sleep would be more energizing.

Even frequent travelers could beat jet lag with AYO eyewear and feel refreshed irrespective of the place they are in.

How to Use the Device?

Based on the lifestyle and sleep preferences, users have to create a profile in the AYO app. An algorithm carries out an in-depth evaluation and finds out important points for activity levels and sleep-wake routine. The relevant app measures and keeps a track of energy levels over time. It then calculates the duration and best time for daily activities like sleep, meals and exercise.

Users can wear AYO while making breakfast, reading the newspaper, brushing their teeth or while doing any other activity because of its design which doesn’t cause any distraction for their eyesight.

Right now, the project is running a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo. It has already raised the total funding goal of $50,000. You can pledge your funds for the project and get two devices at a rate of $320. The retail price of one piece of AYO will be $299 and shipping is expected to start in December.

Have you heard of this device earlier? Will you be pledging your fund for this campaign? We would love to hear your thoughts on it.


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