Wednesday 22 January 2020
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Apple Watch To Become a Stylish Fashion Accessory?

Apple Watch To Become a Stylish Fashion Accessory?

Apple Watch is the latest product from Apple which is about to hit the market next month. It seems that the luxury brand is moving into high-end fashion with this smartwatch. If you are still unaware of what Apple Watch can offer, here is a quick description. This smartwatch can tell you the time, help you connect with calls and messages, keep track of your health and fitness and more. Apart from all these features, the watch will come in different sizes and styles. The highlight of the watch is an 18K gold-plated case which comes in yellow and rose gold. The elegant look of the Apple Watch makes it a stylish fashion accessory.

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Platinum in Apple Watch?

The Wall Street Journal has revealed that the next luxury material of choice for the Apple Watch after gold, might be platinum. Well, don’t let your imagination run wild and think that Apple will use platinum to make Apple Watch bands or give platinum finishes to the current version. The report claims that this luxury material might be used in the next generation Apple Watch, if at all. The use of platinum is just a probability because the report states that Apple has just “studied” watch casings of this material and it remains to be seen whether they intend to use it at all. It could probably also depend on the success of the Apple Watch to start with. However, if it really is used by the company, the smartwatch could truly become a stylish fashion accessory.

The Current Offerings

Currently the Apple Watch will be available in aluminum for standard models. For those who are looking for a luxurious model, can opt for the 18 karat gold version. Apple is expected to provide leather and rubber straps and also stainless steel bands. As for gold-plated straps, the tech giant is yet to announce any such thing.

As of now, we have to wait till we get to know more about what will be available and whether platinum will really be used in the Apple Watch.

Are you going to buy the Apple Watch when it releases next month? Have you used any other smartwatch? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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