Wednesday 22 January 2020
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Activite Pop- Embrace Healthy Habits & Accentuate your Style

Activite Pop- Embrace Healthy Habits & Accentuate your Style

Activité Pop is the wearable which can improve your healthy habits and at the same time adapt with your rhythm of life. The stylish look of the watch will also accentuate your style. This wearable, along with the Health Mate app can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. French firm Withings had earlier created a high-end activity tracking watch known as the Withings Activité. The Withings Activité Pop is the next version and is more affordable but equally stylish.

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Features of Activite Pop

  • Motivating you

The watch will show your activity in real-time. While the Health mate app will suggest changes to motivate you to walk more.

  • Deciding your next move

The Activity and Time dials in the watch will help you know your current position and you can decide your next move.

  • Competing with Friends

With the Health Mate app, you and your friends can have a competition to go the healthy way. There is a fun program which is offered by Activity Badges, Healthy Reminders, a Leaderboard and Activity Insights.

  • Recording your Running Activity

If you are going for a run or a jog, Activité recognizes automatically the rise in intensity and counts it as “Running”.

  • Tracking your Laps

You don’t have to keep a track on the laps as Activité will do the job for you. The watch records each stroke and lets you visualize your progress.

  • Know your Sleeping Habit

When you wear Activité Pop during your sleep, it can help you learn your sleeping habit. It measures your deep and light sleep cycles, the number of times your sleep is broken and the total time of sleep.

  • Silent Alarm

Using the app, you can set an alarm so that you get a gentle wake-up vibration.

  • No need to Reset

You don’t have to wind up your watch. This wearable syncs seamlessly to your smartphone’s clock and will show you the right time. Even if you are travelling over different time zones, the local time will be displayed once you land.

  • No Charging

The best thing about this wearable is that you don’t need any charging point or cable. Activité Pop uses a standard button cell and provides a battery life of more than 8 months.

  • Choose from Different Colors

The design is sleek and lightweight. The watch is coated with PVC and the strap is made up of silicone, giving the Activité Pop a feel-good flow.

With a price of just $149.95, the Activité Pop can be a wonderful accessory for you. You can head to their official page to get notified about its availability.

Are you going to buy the Activité Pop? Do you use any other wearable? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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