Thursday 21 November 2019
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Microsoft Offers Touch-First Office App for Windows 10

Microsoft Offers Touch-First Office App for Windows 10

Microsoft has come up with some interesting innovations recently. HoloLens, the device with which Microsoft has made its foray into augmented reality has been grabbing headlines. Apart from this interesting innovation, the company has announced the release of Windows 10 which will take place later this year. With this new version of Windows OS, new Office apps will be available to the users which have been designed with touch in mind.

“Nearly No-Compromise Experience”

Microsoft has promised a “nearly no-compromise experience” for tablets, phones and PCs. It has displayed its universal apps for Excel, Word and PowerPoint, at its Windows 10 event. The newly designed Office apps will be included in Windows 10 on mobile devices.

Meanwhile Microsoft will continue to improve its Win-32 apps that are exclusively designed for power use on PCs.

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Consistent Office Experience across all Devices

Joe Belfiore, the Vice President for the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft, showed how the universal apps of Office will provide a consistent, highly comprehensive and rich experience across different mobile devices. Previews were displayed on how Windows 10 will work on an early version of Office for phones as well as on tablets. The version will include an Outlook mail client that contains a full edition of the Word engine, similar to the Office desktop app.

A demo was also given for its PowerPoint app that will run on different devices and a gallery app which will help users to view photos from any device. With PowerPoint, users will be able to get transitions and slide animations just by using the touch screens of their mobile devices. This will help them in giving a presentation from any Windows tablet or phone easily just like they would from a PC. To deliver wireless presentations, Miracast is supported and it will also be possible for wireless printing.

Other examples which show the change in the universal apps include the Reflow viewing option which optimizes Word documents so that users can see them on various mobile devices. The Office ribbon has been set up in the app bar to give users the access to all the tools that they are accustomed to using in their PC version. The tools will also be in the same location where they are generally found in PCs.

With the universal Office apps, users will be able to easily edit a document in their PC, which they had started working upon, in a tablet. This will be possible as the recent document list syncs between the devices.

So, with the release of Windows 10, you will be able to use the same Office app for multiple mobile devices that you possess.

Do you like this new innovation from Microsoft? Would you use the Office app in your mobile devices? We would love to hear from you.



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