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Planning for Last-Minute Shopping? Try These 6 Fabulous Apps!

Planning for Last-Minute Shopping? Try These 6 Fabulous Apps!

Are you among those who leave their holiday season shopping for the last minute? Do you want to avoid the trouble associated with last-minute shopping? If your answer is yes to these questions, you can relax this year when you finally get the time to shop for Christmas and New Year. There are many apps which will make your last minute shopping process a trouble free one.

Here are 6 apps which have been divided into three categories based on their functionalities.

Organizing your Holiday Shopping

These two apps are the best when it comes to helping you organize your holiday shopping.

  • Slice

You can keep track of shipping, all your online purchases and the receipts. Irrespective of where you shop, you can get all your tracking numbers and receipts in the app. You will also get notifications from the app which includes a product recall for the object you bought, a price drop and more. You will also have a hold on your budget with daily or weekly details of your spending.

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  • Centrallo

Create lists, sub-lists and folders for every person who is in your holiday list. This will help you organize your holiday buys. You can set reminders to pick up holiday items by leaving voice memos or photos in the holiday list. You can share your list with your better half so that both of you know what to buy for your kids.

Getting Discounts

With these apps, you can learn about good discounts and get them while shopping.

  • RetailMeNot

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS. You can get coupons for your online and offline purchases for more than 50,000 retailers. You don’t need to cut the coupons and carry them to the store. All you need to do is type in the store’s name in the app and you will get the coupons which you can show during checkout and get your discount. There is a GPS tracker in the app which also lets you know when deals are nearby.

  • PriceBlink

This is an app which can be added to Chrome, Safari or Firefox. It will search over 4,000 retailers and provide you with the cheapest available options. As you open a retail site for shopping, a yellow pop-up bar will appear on the top of your screen. As you click on it, you will see a dropdown list of all the online stores that are selling the product you are looking for, along with the price. You might be able to find the same item at a lower price from that list.

Finding Gifts

These apps will help you find gifts to be given during the holiday season.

  • Fetch

Your holiday shopping can be organized and your day-to-day needs can be met with this app. You can set up your own personal shopping assistant, a real person who will provide you with the best deals of the products you are searching for.  Just send a photo or text about the item you want to give as a gift and the assistant will input coupon codes to provide you the best deal. The app will credit the difference to you, if you find the same product at a cheaper price elsewhere, within a week of your purchase.

  • PS Dept

If you are ready to afford designer prices, this app will act as your personal shopper in a designer boutique. You can send photos of the gifts you want and they will send back a photo of what they find. If you like the product, you can purchase the item right through the app. The shopping process becomes even easier with free shipping and returns.

So, this year you won’t have to worry about making the wrong purchases even during last-minute shipping.

Are you an early shopper or do you prefer to shop at the last minute? Do you use any shopping app during the holiday season? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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