Thursday 21 November 2019
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Top 3 Cooking Apps to Help You Cook Delicious Meals

Top 3 Cooking Apps to Help You Cook Delicious Meals

If your family has got bored eating the same old recipes each day and your kid has started complaining, it’s time to bring about a change in the recipe. You can try new recipes by browsing through numerous recipe books, which might be a bit tiresome. To make the process a bit easier and handy, you can try some of the amazing cooking apps which you can download in your smartphones. With these apps, the recipes will be at your fingertips and you can also learn about many healthy food substitutes, ingredients, etc. You can cook up a storm with these new recipes and make your family a happy one.

Here are three awesome cooking apps which can help you become a master of your kitchen.

  • Food Substitutes

Food Substitutes                                                                                                                                    Image:

If you have any family member who is allergic to any food item, then you cannot cook up a recipe with the allergic food. While cooking, you might also run out of an ingredient. To deal with these problems, you can use the Food Substitutes app. It can also help you to deal with the dietary needs and provide budget-friendly alternatives. Right now there are more than 230 food substitutes and 100 foods listed in it, with which you could create tasty dishes.

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You will be able to search food items or browse them by category using the search bar. The Food Details tab will give you info about any food item and also provide nutritional info, tips to use it and more. You will learn about food items which will help you cut down calories.

  • Kitchen Calculator (Converter)

kitchen calculator app                                                                                                                   Image:

This app has been developed by and will make cooking as easy as breathing. The app contains a recipe converter and different conversion calculators with which you can easily convert the measuring units that are required in baking and cooking. With the recipe converter, you will be able to measure, multiply, divide or size out your recipes to the right serving as per your requirement. There is an ingredient converter which lets you convert by ingredient between weight units and volume like grams and cups.

Basic conversion calculators like weight, temperature, length, volume and gas mark are also there. With the cooking temperature reference tool, you will easily be able to find out information about the temperatures for cooking candy, meat and other dishes.

  • 500 Flavorful Slow Cooker Recipes

500 Flavorful Slow Cooker Recipes                                                                                                                                                  Image:

If you are looking for recipes for slow cookers, this app is the perfect choice for you. It features more than 500 recipes. You will be able to search the recipes by name or by ingredient. With the desired recipes and the ingredients that you have in your hand, you will be able to create a mouthwatering menu.

From simple soup and stew recipes to chicken and meat dishes, you can get about everything. The best thing about this app is that you can access the recipes without any Internet connection.

So, try these three cooking apps and improve your culinary skills more than ever before.

Do you love to cook? Have you used any cooking app before? We would love to hear which app mentioned above do you like the most.



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