Friday 22 November 2019
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Top 15 Productivity Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Top 15 Productivity Apps to Make Your Life Easier

In this fast paced world, it is tough to keep up our productivity. Often at times, we tend to slacken our effort which causes our efficiency to decrease. Productivity can be increased significantly by taking the help of technology. There are many apps which could help increase your productivity. If you already use some apps, you are already aware of how the apps can really help you increase your efficiency. In this post, we have brought forth 15 top apps which you should use if you are looking to improve your productivity.

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You won’t forget any important information ever again with Evernote. You can easily take notes with this app and insert a picture or an audio file if you want. Make a to-do list or set a reminder, everything is possible with Evernote. You can send yourself articles which you can use as research materials for your next blog. With a Chrome extension, you can even get anything you want from a browser.

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You can stay productive while on the move with Concur by keeping a tab on your expenses. You will be able to manage and track business expenses and receipts. Managing and tracking business travel will become easier with Concur. Importing data from credit cards, booking hotels, airfare and more can be done with the app.

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This is the ideal app for business meetings. This app will help you to be prepared for meetings by smoothly syncing with services like LinkedIn, Gmail, etc. You will be able to review past interactions with people with whom you will be meeting or you can learn new information about them.

All the project management and communications of your team will be in one place with Asana. You won’t have to keep track of and coordinate over multiple email threads. With Asana, users will be able to create projects, set deadlines, allot tasks to individuals, manage requests, comments and more. This will help you to check the tasks that have been completed, what an individual is supposed to do, share ideas and communicate efficiently with the team.

This is an awesome reading tool with which you can save articles, videos and pictures to read later on. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. Reading interesting articles will now become easier and you won’t even have to waste your time reading instead of doing any constructive work.

This is another platform which can be used for team communication. What is even better is that it is searchable and can be differentiated using hashtags. Getting people on board can take a very less time. Thus productivity will increase and working life will become simpler with Slack.

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This is a note-taking application which is simple to use. Functions will be like a set of sticky notes and text clippings. With Keep, you will be able to dictate text snippets, attach photos, checklists, set reminders and sync across different devices.

The app describes itself as “expense reports that don’t suck.” Employees can build expense reporting without any hassles. They can scan receipts easily and categorize the trips using an intuitive and clean user interface.

This is team collaborative software which lets you create, organize and discuss about work with your team. Emails can take a backseat with this tool. You can manage meetings easily, take notes during meetings and then create tasks later on. Product requirements can also be planned easily using Confluence.

Teams which are into building and planning of great products can use JIRA. With this tool, you will be able to find out and organize the issues, assign work and follow the activity of your team. The new mobile interface lets you keep track even if you are on the move or are working at your desk. The job can be done easily with JIRA.

The app describes itself as “free, flexible, and visual way to organize anything with anyone.” The app has a board which is filled with cards that act as lists which can be used with a team or you can use it yourself. You can keep track of the progress by dragging and dropping the cards between lists.

This app connects smoothly with major calendar services. At the top of the main interface, the events which you have to RSVP, is marked clearly. This means there is no scope of meetings to get unnoticed. You will also be able to know the contacts with whom you are having the meetings.

Contactually allows you to be in contact with everybody, from former colleagues to present teammates to future prospects, with the least difficulty. All you need to do is put the contacts into “buckets” and decide the frequency of following up with people in each bucket. The app will create follow-ups automatically for you and inform you about the last time when you spoke with the concerned person. You can also save dynamic templates to make your congratulations, holiday wishes and follow-ups after meetings, really easy.

This cloud storage tool is essential if you want to share or store files on the cloud. It is an online storage for your documents, files, images and other data that you will be able to access from anywhere and even download them and use it offline. Use Dropbox to share files for collaboration and upload new files as well.

The LastPass app relieves you from wasting time during logins by creating passwords for you. The premium version can store your passwords, generate strong ones and can also act as a browser. You can sync your password vaults and the forms and login details will be filled automatically whenever you are accessing the sites, either through Chrome, Safari or the in-app browser. New passwords can also be generated and the Form Fills list can be added or updated.

So, if you are looking for ways to increase productivity, you can rely on these fabulous apps and get your work done in a much faster and constructive way.

Do you use any of the apps mentioned above? Do you have any other recommendations of such apps? We would like to hear your thoughts.



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