Thursday 12 December 2019
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Pixie Points Lets You Keep Tab on Your Lost Valuables

Pixie Points Lets You Keep Tab on Your Lost Valuables

If you are one of those people who find it really difficult to keep a track of their belongings, you will find this new device really useful. Physical items will get a digital individuality with Pixie Points and you can keep a tab on your valuable items easily. They are the most useful tags which are smart and provide you the precise location of the items on which the tags are used. An innovative signalling technology has been used in every tag which makes it possible for the Pixies to interact with each other and also with the Pixie app.

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Bluetooth Beacons for Finding Things

The Pixie Points are attachable beacons which transmits the exact location of the things. It looks like a large guitar pick but it is small enough that you can carry it in your wallet or fix it on your smartphone’s back. According to the company its Bluetooth beacons can find out the location of the devices “down to inches.”

With the iOS app, people will be able to see the position of their tagged items with “Xs” of different colors. The Xs are visible through the augmented reality app. Though the beacons look like teardrops, you will be able to see them on whatever you tag. The camera of your phone becomes a treasure map from where you find out your valuables with the X marks that you see. The location of any object is easily revealed, even through the walls.

You can create separate kits with matching checklists for the items. If any item gets lost or is not in the destined location, you will get notified about it. You will be able to Pixify everything, right from your computer bag to your remote to phone.

Location of Things- Moving beyond Internet of Things

While Internet of Things connects all of your devices to the Internet, it doesn’t provide any location of the things. But in this case, it moves beyond IoT. Pixie has developed the Location of Things. It is a tech platform which notes the location of every object all the time. It is portable and completely private.

You can place your pre-order for a pack of four Pixie Points for $40. If you want to wait till its original shipping in March, you have to pay $30 more with the cost increasing to $70.

Are you keen on using this technology? Will you be pre-ordering the Pixie Points or wait till its release? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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